Google transferred its domains business to Squarespace

According to 9to5google, Google has completed transferring its domain business to site builder Squarespace. Google Domains was launched in 2014 as a domain name registrar and domain management service.

Back in June, Google unexpectedly announced that it would sell its domain business to Squarespace. The service hosted over 10 million domains and had millions of customers. Following the takeover, Squarespace said it “entered into a definitive asset purchase agreement with Google, whereby Squarespace will acquire the assets associated with the Google Domains business.”

Google Domains is transferred to Squarespace

At the time, Google argued that selling domain business was to “sharpen our focus.” The service officially stopped selling new domains on September 7 but left no announcement on its website and didn’t notify users through email. Instead, it directs customers to the Squarespace website by an affiliate link for registering a new one.

The company further notified users that “Google no longer offers new domain registrations, but try Squarespace. On September 7, 2023, Squarespace acquired all domain registrations and related customer accounts from Google Domains. Customers and domains will be transitioned over the next few months.”

Of course, the Google Domains website remains active for users who already bought a domain from Google. However, the website no longer sells new domains, and any new purchase must be done through Squarespace. The tech giant assured its customers that it would manage their domains during the transition.

Some users who have already completed domain migrations to Google Domains are worried about the decision, arguing that the transition might hurt the experience and make them pay a higher price. In terms of price, Squarespace domains’ fee starts at $12/year, which is the same price as Google “average” domains.

WordPress also has an offer for Google Domains customers. The first one million Google Domains users who transfer their domain will pay no transfer fee. Additionally, WordPress extends your registration for an additional year if you take this offer. The plan is open to “existing customers across most domains.”