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Google's Search Guidelines give AI-Generated Content the thumbs up

AI and AI-generated content have been major subjects in the tech world for a while, and conversation is heating up. One of the biggest AI companies in the world just offered its two cents on the whole subject with a new blog post. Google stated that AI-generated content is not against its search guidelines.

Understandably, most people aren’t too happy with this AI-driven future that we’re speeding toward. AI imagery is already taking a bit out of artists’ salaries, and ChatGPT has led companies like CNET and BuzzFeed to belch out full articles. We’re wondering what other toes AI is going to step on.

Google says that AI-generated content isn’t against its search guidelines

Search giant and leader in AI Google outlined how it feels about AI-generated content. Now, it’s been heavily hypocritical for the company to pioneer its own AI tools and then ban the use of other AI tools in its search results. Also, that’s just begging for an anti-trust lawsuit.

Anyway, the company released a lengthy blog post about the company’s stance on AI-generated content in search results. Basically, the company will not automatically ban AI-generated content from search results. This means that, if you’re looking for content, there’s a chance that it could have been AI-generated.

This sounds troublesome, as AI can definitely be used to create low-quality content for the sake of manipulating search results. We’d hope that Google would stamp out bad actors using AI for their own gain, but the company has a more passive method to deal with this.

In the blog post, the company said that it’s the same tactic to reduce AI abuse that it’s been using for bad human-generated content. Google awards high-quality content with higher search rankings. So, if the company detects spam AI content, it won’t prioritize it as much as quality content.

We’re not sure if that’s going to help the situation as AI-generated content becomes more prevalent. Only time will tell.



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