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GOP Declares War on Trump District Attorney Alvin Bragg

A Pair of Republican Lawmakers Attack New York DA’s Prosecution of Trump: Two Members of Congress have called on the man who is pursuing former President Donald Trump in court to be jailed before Trump is indicted. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and Senator Rand Paul said this week that New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg should be thrown in jail for seeking to indict Trump in matters related to his hush money payment to an adult video actress.

Greene said on a social media post, “Now it’s time to arrest Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg for prosecutorial misconduct after hiding hundreds of pages of exculpatory evidence!” she wrote. “Bragg is on the verge of indicting an innocent former President and top Presidential candidate against the opposing ruling party.”

Bragg Is Linked to George Soros

It is not clear what the exculpatory evidence is that would exonerate Trump or details about his alleged misconduct.

She also said Bragg was “breaking the law” and “trying to incite public unrest.”

She accused Bragg of being a “Soros prosecutor,” referring to financier George Soros efforts to fund leftist prosecutors for election to DA offices around the country.

Republicans Want to Haul Bragg in Front of House Committees

Greene is in support of Congressman Jim Jordan’s attempt to bring Bragg in front of the House Judiciary Committee to answer questions about the investigation into Trump.

The grand jury is expected to hand down an indictment against Trump for falsifying corporate records and committing campaign finance violations relating to the payments to Stormy Daniels in exchange for her to remain silent for an alleged extramarital affair she had with the former president.

Greene also said that public protest is not necessary if the grand jury indicts Trump.

Bragg has stated he will not cooperate with document requests from Republicans on the Judiciary Committee.

The DA said, “We will not be intimidated by attempts to undermine the justice process, nor will we let baseless accusations deter us from fairly applying the law,” Bragg told ABC News.

Two other panels want records and testimony from Bragg – the House Oversight and Accountability Committee and the House Administration Committee plan to hound the prosecutor.

Chairpersons joined Jordan in a letter to the DA that said Bragg was abusing power in a politically motivated manner.

Democrats Deny Congress Has the Right to Meddle in Local Court Cases

Predictably the House Democrats also accused the Republicans of abusing their oversight power and meddling in a court case in which they had no jurisdiction.

Ranking Member of the Oversight Committee Jamie Raskin of Maryland said that Republicans have no ability or standing to question Bragg.

Meanwhile in the Senate, Rand Paul, the senator from Kentucky, also wants Bragg behind bars. Paul went to social media and echoed what Greene said. “A Trump indictment would be a disgusting abuse of power,” Paul said in the tweet.

Paul, not known for being a huge Trump supporter, offered no other explanation around his missive.

It is unlikely that Bragg would end up in jail, but he may be subpoenaed to testify in front of one or more committees in Congress.

Republicans on Capitol Hill and other Trump supporters believe that Bragg is politically motivated to take down Trump, who they say is leading in polls and is the favorite to become the Republican nominee for President. 

Democrats believe that no-one is above the law. President Joe Biden is executing a strategy of waiting to see how the case against Trump plays out. He doesn’t want to be seen influencing the grand jury.

This is a prudent decision as Trump has appeared to dig a legal hole around himself. Congressional Republicans may not be able to stop the legal proceedings against Trump.

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