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GOP Senator Rubio Wants To Know Why Was The Spy Balloon Allowed To Live In U.S. Air Space

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) pressed officials to provide more information in a secret briefing after questioning the military’s choice to delay shooting down the alleged Chinese spy balloon that flew over the United States last week.

Rubio expressed his curiosity over why the Biden administration and military authorities did not shoot down the balloon when it was originally seen. Rubio is a recipient of highly sensitive information briefings from the executive branch.


“I’d be interested in learning from military leaders why it wasn’t addressed sooner. What choices did we have at that point? On Sunday, Rubio posed the question on ABC’s “This Week.” Maybe in a private meeting or with the benefit of hindsight, they’ll have some really strong arguments against it.

Republicans like Marco Rubio and others have criticized the Biden administration for what they believe is a failure to take the balloon seriously enough. After the balloon arrived in the waters off the coast of South Carolina on Saturday, the American military shot it down.

On Sunday, Rubio again questioned why the government, including Biden, had not been more open with the public regarding its plans to deal with the balloon.

The president of the United States should have spoken on national television and explained to the American people what the situation is, what he plans to do about it, and why he hasn’t taken action yet, according to Rubio. “None of that occurred, and I have no idea why.”

Rubio asserted that China was attempting to use the balloon to convey a message to the world about American weakness, in contrast to defense officials’ claims that it was used for espionage.

They intended for the entire world to witness this. That we wouldn’t be able to stop them from sending a balloon at 60,000 feet over American airspace and military installations,” Rubio added. Last but not least, if we shoot it down, they’ll say, ‘Look how they react to a weather balloon.’ which, obviously, is not the case.





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