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Govt not meeting 10% wage increase must unite workers across unions – Cosatu

In light of government’s refusal to meet a 10% wage demand by public sector unions, Cosatu president Zingiswa Losi called for workers across federations to unite against this decision.

FILE: Members of the Congress of South African Trade Unions took to the streets to mark this year’s International Day for Decent Work on Friday, 7 October 2022. Picture: Rejoice Ndlovu/Eyewitness News

DURBAN – Trade union federation Cosatu (Congress of SA Trade Unions) has called on workers to unite across federations in order strengthen the hand of unions.

Cosatu’s president Zingiswa Losi was speaking on the sidelines of an event on Friday that commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Durban workers’ strikes of 1973 against low wages, the hardships of migrant labour, and forced removals.


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Workers justified to demand wage increases – Cosatu

Losi said the 1973 mass action was a success because of unity.

Meanwhile, workers in the public sector continue to say a 10% wage increase would go some way
in responding to the rising cost of living.

But with the government not acceding to this demand, Losi said workers should unite against this.

“The strikes in the public service and the ones that we are seeing currently with workers in the retail sector at Makro and in various areas define the importance of workers’ unity,” said Losi.

She said divisions between workers or union members would not support the achievement of workers’ goals.

Losi said the 1973 workers did not even have unions – but united they were able to make gains.



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