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GPS symbols and what they mean

Featuring a forest five times larger than its predecessor, The Sons Of The Forest is noted for the extraordinary depth and clarity it possesses. Because there are so many things to find, places to explore, and camping areas. It should come as no surprise that navigation and a solid understanding of how to use your GPS are essential to survive in such a vast and vast landscape. Even more so if you intend to increase the number of tools, weapons, and supplies you have for your extended stay deep in the jungle.


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Although a GPS is the only thing really needed to explore the cannibal-infested jungle, if you have little or no limited understanding of what the symbols on your GPS mean, you risk traveling a great distance just to be discovered You are unable to enter the respective website. This is especially true when exploring caves and locations that require the use of specialized equipment such as the Rebreather, Shovel, and Rope-Gun. We’ve cleared you up for any confusion about the meanings of the different GPS symbols so you can avoid wasting time and energy while also conserving resources during your travels and jungle survival.

GPS symbols and their meanings

There are a total of four fixed icons and one icon that will appear when you’re building a canvas tent, appear when it’s tilted, and then disappear when you dismantle a tent you’ve previously erected. Below is a list of four static icons that can be seen on the GPS throughout the game.

Blue “K” symbol

Kelvin’s website

green circle icon

Story progression

Purple exclamation mark symbol

Important items and weapons

White curved symbol

cave entrance

It’s important to note that some weapons, items, and items are more difficult to access than others due to key cards, bodies of water, and cannibal infested cells. Due to the nature of this situation, the best course of action for the player is to take the side of caution rather than regret, and as a result, we advise you to stock up on food, drink, and of course, weapons.

As mentioned earlier, the icon representing a small house will only appear after you have successfully built a tarp shelter. Unlike other GPS icons, this one is only a temporary addition because you don’t start the game with a tarp already automatically placed.

We recommend the shovel, rope gun, modern axe, and 3D printed water bottle for the perfect travel pack, which will satisfy the needs of the majority of players when they are on an expedition and looking to get to their destination in one piece.

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