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Grammy 2023 Controversy: Fans Outraged Over Sam Smith Performance Approval and Nicki Minaj Criticism

The duo Sam Smith and Kim Petras performed ‘Unholy’ just after winning the Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance on Sunday, February 5, making Petras the first trans woman to win the award. On January 27, Smith released her fourth studio album, Gloria, which included the song. A floor-length coat with red gloves and a Satanic horn hat was seen on Smith, while Petras wore a red mini-dress as she performed with whips, chains, and devil horns. There were many applauding the performance, with one saying, It was really powerful, and I couldn’t be happier for him. As they went on stage to receive the award, the duo donned elaborate red outfits.

Kim, wearing a red short dress and veil, thanked the Academy and revealed it was the first time a transgender woman had won the category. In October 2022, the German songwriter’s collab Unholy reached the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Kim Petras also paid tribute to the late Scottish electronic artist Sophie, who died at age 34 in January 2021. However, many criticize Grammy for their hypocrisy in banning Nicki Minaj from the 54th Annual Grammy Awards after her performance of ‘Roman Holiday’ in February 2012 but allowing the performance of ‘Unholy’. People were furious with the Grammys and asked, How could Sam Smith perform this way, but Nicki Minaj couldn’t?

Fans Criticize Grammy Hypocrisy For Allowing Singer Sam Smith To Perform But Banned Nicki Minaj

The pair performed ‘Unholy’ just after winning the Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance on Sunday, February 5, making Petras the first transgender person to win the award. Smith’s fourth studio album, Gloria, was released on January 27. The song was taken from that album. According to Petras, Smith wore a floor-length coat with red gloves and a Satanic horn hat, while Smith wore a red mini-dress with whips, chains, and devil horns. The performance was widely applauded, with one comment that said, Wow, this was so powerful. I’m over the moon for you. However, many criticised Grammy for their hypocrisy, since she had been banned from the 54th Annual Grammy Awards for her performance ‘Roman Holiday’ in February 2012, but was allowed to perform ‘Unholy’. How is it possible for Sam Smith to perform like that when Nicki Minaj can’t? one wrote. Didn’t Nicki Minaj get banned for performing a similar song as Sam Smith just did? In another comment, someone said Samsmith could sing unholy and be a devil, but @NICKIMINAJ could not sing Roman Holiday.

As a fan, Sam Smith dragged us to hell with the damn devil, but when Nicki Minaj wanted to be cleansed of her sins with the Catholic Church, it was a problem. I think Nicki was ahead of her time. That’s all I can say. As one tweeter pointed out, “Sam Smith can do a performance like that and receive praise, but @NICKIMINAJ is still suffering the repercussions of performing Roman Holiday at the #GRAMMYs. Nicki Minaj got blacklisted because her Grammy performance was considered demonic, wrote another. On stage, SamSmith wore all red, a hat with devil horns, and fire, performing a song called Unholy. Got claps, and a Grammy. A blatant display of hypocrisy, disrespect, and bulls**t. When the 40-year-old rapper performed at the 2012 Grammy Awards while wearing a red hooded dress and standing with a man dressed as a Pope, she sparked huge controversy. After that, she didn’t perform at the Grammys. She claimed that Ken Ehrlich deliberately snubbed her at the 2019 Grammys, claiming that she had been bullied into remaining silent for seven years.



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