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Gran Turismo 7 will add five more cars to its roster next week

The producer of Gran Turismo 7 is teasing five more cars that are set to make their way into the game next week. in a tweet On Saturday, Kaz Yamauchi reiterated his trend of showcasing the shaded cars set to make their way to the game’s roster very soon.

There hasn’t been any official announcement of what models the cars will be, but enthusiasts have been able to make pretty accurate guesses in the past based on Yamauchi’s well-known silhouettes prior to release. According to GTPlanetThe new additions, it seems, are two Porsches—a 904 Carrera GTS and a 959 from the ’80s—an Audi RS5 DTM, Mazda3 hatchback, and Toyota Alphard minivan. While a minivan may not be most fans’ idea of ​​an exciting ride, for Gran Tuismo 7 it will be a first.

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Five new cars in each update are starting to become a mode for the racing simulator, as February’s big update also bought five new cars – a Citroën DS 21 Dallas, a Honda RA272, a Porsche 911 Carrera, and two Italdesing Vision Gran Turismo variants. However, last month’s update also came with a remastered version of the classic Grand Valley track. There is no information yet about what this month’s update will bring other than the five new cars

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Yamauchi’s tweet was posted in both English and Japanese, but with a slight change. A translation of the Japanese text reveals that the first half repeats the English statement that the update will arrive during the week of March 26, but contains an additional phrase that, when translated, reads “It’s cherry blossom season in Tokyo”. This could just be an offhand remark, or it might reveal some other additions to the way you should approach Sakura Season.

There is no official release date for the update yet. Although PushSquare noted GT Sophy, the collaborative AI project, is scheduled to be removed from the game on Wednesday, so it makes sense that we could see the update and premiere of the five new cars at the same time.

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