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Green crypto for the moon. Focus on Kyotoprotocol, Karbonn, 2G Carbon Credit








All cryptocurrencies based on projects related to CO2 offsetting are on the rise. More and more corporations and investors are convinced that Carbon credits are worth more than gold in the market, and in this case, since bitcoin is considered digital gold, there seems to be indications that the same is true in decentralized finance. Let’s look in detail.

Kyoto Protocol (Kyoto)

The cryptocurrencies we are introducing today certainly have the best impact from a communication and marketing point of view. Well crafted design, you can find $KYOTO marketing campaigns on leading trackers and portals, article marketing campaigns on major industry portals. Just started, the Kyotoprotocol project involves creating a unique blockchain of its kind to provide liquidity to a new wave of ReFi projects building on chain. Projects built on the blockchain are kept under scrutiny to ensure genuine legitimacy, making it a safe haven for climate-conscious investors. is connected to the Carbon Credit Marketplace on the Layer One blockchain partner blockchain, enabling true decentralization and intercompatibility.

According to the road map presented on the website, the project is fully in Phase 3, having already listed on Coinmarketcap.

Mined on Binance Smart Chain on 03 July 2022, The value of the token has recovered from an initial $18 to $31.19 and continues to grow with a market capitalization of around $10 million.

Carbon (CO2)

Mined on the Binance Smart Chain since last 06-01-22 and issued in amounts of 1 billion, the CO2 token is representative of the project that we present today, the longest in the market. The project also presents itself with excellent communication and marketing strategy. The efficient choice of CO2 ticker allows the team to connect and take advantage of spectacular interventions by Elon Musk and other influential people who talk about the importance of CO2 (but not tokenization) and the environmental theme to promote the project .

Interesting is the definition of “Carbonian” or the person who endorses the Carbon token. The Carbonarians believe they can help heal the Earth by actively participating in ways to combat climate change. These methods include renewable energy, agriculture, food waste, forestry projects and more. The Carbonarians will help bring innovative solutions to the Earth and be a leader in efforts to combat climate change.

Of the $CO2 we read on the site that is the last digital asset used by the carbonarians.

It is the most environmentally sustainable crypto on earth, backed by individuals and institutional impact investors. Carbon token is generated using blockchain/crypto technology powered by IoT, and uses robust processes which are designed with Six Sigma methodology.

Carbon (CO2) is currently valued at $0.15 in continuous growth for a market capitalization of over $165 million.

2G Karbonn Coin (2GCC)

We have already written about this token. $2GCC is proving to be more unique than a rare token. Representative of a project experience coming to the blockchain after a lengthy off-line process, the 2G Carbon Coin token was mined just a week ago.

The owner is a Swiss company, part of the Tunisian industrial conglomerate, which, thanks to government agreements, is building a large second generation bioethanol plant (hence probably the 2G symbol). As we learn from the project’s website, the Swiss company (2G Carbon Credit Sa) already has about 1.7 million carbon credits in its portfolio, ready for marketing issued by the industrial conglomerate’s agriculture sector, which related to the production of essential biomass. Bioethanol plant under construction.

This availability of carbon credits represents a value of around $40 to 80 million, as well as certainly an advantage in terms of ICO emitters and project persistence. On the other hand, in order to gain a large amount of carbon credits in the market, other crypto competitors must first initiate a significant fundraising and investment, which is not always successful in the crypto world.

Hence the clear market advantage of $2GCC which is starting to show undeniable signs of a potential lead that risks tarnishing the digital sanctity of Bitcoin and Ethereum as well.

Those who have long been convinced that carbon credits are worth more than gold may not be entirely wrong.

The 2G Carbon coin went from $19.00 with which it was listed on the DEX $ 3,000 in a week! $2GCC has a market capitalization of over $300 trillion,

However, the apparent advantage of $2GCC is currently not being utilized well by the team. at least for now. The website currently appears to be incomplete for informational purposes (although it is written that it is constantly updated) and there are no signs of marketing and communication activities.

The 2GCC team has not expressed itself on the extraordinary value achieved by 2G Carbon Coin in the market, nor have they provided any news about the injection of additional liquidity that would allow the price to calm down. Investors are certainly waiting for information and initiative to avoid that the project on the market represents a giant whale, certainly disproportionate to any comparison or valuation.




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