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Grey's Anatomy Fans Are Forever Appalled Over How Dr. Dixon Was Treated

When ranking every season of “Grey’s Anatomy” from worst to best, it’s only fair to note that Season 5 is chaotic and fans agree that Dr. Dixon had a lot of storytelling potential. However, she was gone without a trace before getting more prominent storylines. “They were very condescending to her and thought they were being clever about it. I really liked her a lot and also wish she’d stuck around longer. I loved the scene of Cristina and Bailey hugging her, that was great,” noted Reddit user u/OnlyPicklehead. 

Some viewers couldn’t help but notice that the patronizing tone extended to the sound design. “There’s a scene in one of her first episodes where she’s talking to Bailey and the show does this light musical cue to signal that it’s funny. I was appalled,” said Reddit user u/Critical-Tank. 

Even in a building full of doctors, Dixon has to fight to get the respect she deserves. Other fans had a hard time believing that the other surgeons were so taken aback by Dixon’s bluntness. “I especially didn’t like when Bailey was so surprised to find out that Dixon is on the spectrum, as if a surgeon would never have seen autism before.” added Reddit user u/take_number_two.

Dixon definitely deserved more screen time. Old characters are always making a comeback on “Grey’s Anatomy,” and another appearance from Dixon would be a major throwback for longtime fans of the show.



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