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Gunna addresses leaving YSL rumors in new viral song snippet amid RICO trial wait

Gunna’s snippet from the song has been going viral many believe is about him leaving YSL. Recently, Gunna made headlines for being accused of snitching on a fellow member. While now a snippet of his song is making all think about what it is trying to address. As some are even keen to know if Gunna is free?

Read ahead to know more about Gunna’s song snippet going viral addressing YSL leaving rumors.

All about the rapper Gunna and YSL charges

While rapper Gunna has been evolving as an artist. Everyone was shocked when he was charged for racketeering in 2022. Rapper Gunna, Young Thug, and 26 others were named in the whole YSL controversy.

Young Thug co-founded the criminal street gang YSL (Young Slime Life). Which was involved in murders, shootings, and other criminal activities. Not just that, the gang members Young Thug and Gunna were even alleged of promoting the activities of the gang in their tracks and on social media too.

Gunna’s song snippet goes viral on the internet

While Gunna has been in jail and is out of it on plea deal. Recently, he went viral again and this time it was because of a snippet from one of his songs. On 18th March, an Instagram story by a user Brittany Reshun has been showing Gunna rapping with lines that’s grabbed everyone’s attention.

The lines by Gunna in ... can be heard as “Heard the rumours said I’m packing up and flying out/we ain’t going nowhere I’m spraying here, gone fight it out/ i meant like f**k it/Let’s just give these n**”as dark clouds / Been gone for months and i just keep seeing these dark clouds”.

Netizens’ react to Gunna’s viral song snippet

Though the Instagram story with Gunna’s snippet of the song has gone viral. The Brittany Reshun post has since been deleted. But it’s still going viral on the internet and netizens have been reacting on the same too. As they believe the snippet was all about Gunna addressing rumors of him leaving YSL.

Gunna in the viral song snippet might be talking about several rumors. However, netizens have been relating the same with his YSL exit. Meanwhile, for all those who have been curious to know if Gunna is still in jail. He was set free from jail back in December 2022.

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