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Halo: Which Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Halo is absolutely chock full of iconic locations and worldbuilding that make Master Chief’s world so appealing. It was for this reason that it got a recently wrapped television adaptation. It’s full of appealing characters that fans have come to love over the years that they were happy to see play out in a show format.

These characters have been pillars of Xbox’s gaming world for two decades now. Fans look for every opportunity to get closer to their favorite characters and by sharing a Zodiac sign you can tell much about a person, including which character in the franchise they most resemble.

12 Aries – Master Chief

Aries are the natural leaders of the Zodiac. They’re courageous and strong with determination to get through. So obviously, there are connections to be drawn to the series protagonist, Master Chief. Petty Officer John-117 leads the charge against the Covenant and Flood in almost every Halo title, embodying the leadership qualities of an Aries.

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Befitting the space marine archetype, Chief embodies Aries’ confidence, bravery, and determination.  It’s a testament to his Aries spirit that he also turned out so honest given his backstory as an illegal military experiment.  Plus, Aries also love their comfortable outfits and Chief is definitely known for his.

11 Taurus – Cortana

The perennial sidekick to Master Chief is Cortana, even if they’ve drifted apart. She was created by scanning the brain of Dr. Catherine Halsey, but that being said, her patient demeanor is noticeably different than her colder creator. In the original trilogy, her reliability as an AI assistant makes her a great Taurus companion.

Chief is a reasonable member of the military, but even he has a more level-headed counterpart in Cortana. She frequently serves as the resourceful one between the two of them. Of course, Taurus can also be possessive and stubborn alluding to her role as a villain in Halo 5 and Infinite.

10 Gemini – Gravemind

One of the best first-person shooter villains in gaming is the Gravemind. Introduced in Halo 2 as a soft-spoken but intimidating force behind the Flood and remains one of the series’ most enigmatic characters. Gemini is a chatty sign that hates being alone and as the ultimate hivemind and quite a talker itself, the Gravemind fits the bill.

Gemini is a sign representing multitudes, and the Gravemind is that literally and figuratively. Fitting of its hive mind nature it can learn and adapt quickly. It also has an appreciation for culture, given its gentle and poet-like demeanor.

9 Cancer – 343 Guilty Spark

Cancers are tenacious and loyal, keeping committed to their tasks and goals for a long time. While they can sometimes be moody, they’re altogether quite pleasant individuals. 343 Guilty Spark is the computer in charge of monitoring the Halo weapon; he’s technically a villain but ends up hanging around Master Chief anyway.

He’s been monitoring the Halo rings for centuries. This shows his Cancer-like dedication to his mission and programming. Additionally, he often thinks about his situation with an intuitive sense of sentimentality. But he also embodies Cancer’s pessimistic and suspicious traits, especially after going rampant in Halo 3.

8 Leo – Arbiter

Arbiter is one of Halo’s most beloved fan-favorite characters and Thel ‘Vadam is one of the Covenant’s most important military leaders. His relationship with the Chief is breathtaking as he becomes more friendly over the series. At his core, though he’s a powerful Leo.

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Leos are known for being natural leaders and the Arbiter is no exception. Unfortunately, he also has a hatred of humans on first meeting which causes other Leo traits like arrogance and self-centeredness to come out. But by the end of the trilogy, Leo’s kindness is shown as he comes to respect humans.

7 Virgo – Jacob Keyes

It’s pretty surprising that Jacob Keyes ended up being such a beloved Halo character. In the original game, he amounted to nothing more than a key in admittedly one of Halo‘s best levels. Captain Keyes is an excellent commander though and his ability to keep a cool head is very Virgo-like.

He’s definitely an “all work and no play” kind of Virgo. We don’t see him very close with his family until the TV show as he’s mostly focused entirely on the mission, and dedicated to keep his solders safe. This Virgo worked hard for it too, operating machines he didn’t know how to use.

6 Libra – Miranda Keyes

The Libra daughter of Keyes has surpassed him, having reached the rank of commander. She’s still a tough customer though, but even more strategic. Libra is known for being a sign of a keen mind. Keyes has all the strength of her father and the intelligence of her mother, Catherine Halsey.

Libra is also known for being diplomatic. She fits that when she makes an unthinkable alliance with the Arbiter that paid off, and when she ends up being one of the best officers in the UNSC. Unfortunately, she also avoids her problems like Libra tend to, and holds a grudge against her mother for life.

5 Scorpio – The Rookie

Despite having the nickname of “The Rookie,” John Doherty is a tough customer. He’s a member of the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, which means he isn’t cybernetically augmented. This resourcefulness and power mark him as a Scorpio. It’s his adventures in Halo 3: ODST that seals the deal, though.

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The tone of his adventure is actually a mystery. His hypersomnia leaves him alone as he must piece together what happened to his squad and get revenge. This pursuit of the truth is very Scorpio. Scorpio also has an archetype called “Deadly Warrior” which well describes this one-man army.

4 Sagittarius – Avery Johnson

Sergeant Major Avery Johnson debuted in the first Halo game but grew in prominence in the sequels. He’s a classic character and one of Master Chief’s biggest allies. Sagittarius does have good compatibility with Aries, after all. They also have a great sense of humor.

Johnson’s memorable lines are what made him stand out. He’s not just comic relief though, as he seeks honor throughout the games, and this optimism leads him to challenge himself. Sagittarius is also the traveler of the Zodiac, and with fifty years of service, Johnson has been around.

3 Capricorn – Rtas ‘Vadum

Second in command to Arbiter in the Covenant Elites is Rtas ‘Vadum. In the Sangheili, he holds the rank of Shipmaster and has more than earned it. His skill with the energy sword, one of Halo‘s most iconic weapons, cannot be understated. Despite being such a tank, he’s a reasonable Capricorn.

Capricorns are defined by responsibility. Rtas tolerated humanity even before Arbiter did. They are also skilled managers who can multitask yet are uncompromising. He manages the entire Covenant fleet himself and his progressivism should not be mistaken for softness, as he’s a proud warrior.

2 Aquarius – Noble Six

Noble Six is the player character in Halo: Reach. This game is often thought of as the best Halo due to the Generation III Spartan cast. All that begins with the player’s Spartan B312m though, they stand out as being customizable and fit the sign known for standing out.

Aquarius can be a lone wolf with a tendency to be aloof and temperamental.  This fits Noble Six, who is not as much of a team player as Master Chief. However, they do also have a strong belief in causes and risks. This is exemplified by Noble Six’s last mission, where they fight their hardest.

1 Pisces – Thomas Lasky

Pisces is the final sign in the Zodiac and represents a heretofore unseen gentleness. Thomas Lasky appears only in the second Halo trilogy and is surprisingly kind. Despite being a military child, he has high standards of morality. His compassion is unique among a lot of Master Chief’s handlers.

The Pisces’ desire for trust manifests in a unique way. He has more than a bit of hero worship for John-117. Part of this is due to the cruelty he suffered in the past, as Thomas and Pisces abhor any cruelty. Anyway, Lasky slowly comes into his own as the series progresses, and as Pisces symbolizes new beginnings, fans hope he’ll be able to bring the UNSC into a new era as well.

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