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Happy Navratri 2022 Colors: 9 Nine Colours Patterns List of Navratri Dress to Wear During Navratri

India’s longest festival is on the verge of kicking off from the very first day of the October. Guys, we are talking the Navratri which we belong to Lord Mata of Hindu religion. The Navratri is celebrated for the long nine days and this year it will begin from 26th September 2022 and the 9th day will be celebrated on the 04th October 2022. Well, we are here with the importance of the nine colors that one should wear in the nine days of Navratri. Navratri Colors

Meanwhile, according to the Hindu religion, there is two Navratri celebrated in one calendar year. One is said to be Chaitra Navratri which is celebrated in the month of March-April and the another Navratri is Sharad Navratri, which is celebrated in the month of September-October. Maa Durga Images

According to, to the Hindu religion, Lord Goddesses used to walk in those 9 days in the form of other Goddesses like Mata Saraswati, Mata Laxmi, and Mata Durga. The Hindu used to worship these 9 days and devoted themselves and their worship to the three Lord Goddesses.

In the first three days of Navratri, one used to worship Lord Durga, then the other three days will be devoted to Lord Lakshmi and rest 3 days will be devoted to Lord Saraswati.

People strongly believes that one can show their worship and devotion for all the three Matas by wearing the below-mentioned colors on all the nine days of Navratri. Navratri Colors 2022

Pratipada – Navratri 1st Day – Orange
Dwitiya – Navratri 2nd Day – White
Tritiya – Navratri 3rd Day – Red
Chaturthi – Navratri 4th Day – Royal Blue
Panchami – Navratri 5th Day – Yellow
Sashti – Navratri 6th Day – Green
Saptami – Navratri 7th Day – Grey
Ashtami – Navratri 8th Day – Purple
Navami / Vijayadasami – Navratri 9th Day – Peacock Green

Sharad Navratri 2022 Dates

Navratri Day 1 – 10th October 2022, (Wednesday)

Navratri Day 2, Dwitiya – 11th October, (Thursday)

Navratri Day 3, Tritiya – October 12th , (Friday)

Navratri Day 4, Varadvinayak Chaturthi – October 13th, (Saturday)

Navratri Day 5, Skandamata Puja – October 14th, (Sunday)

Navratri Day 6, Shashthi – October 15th, (Monday)

Navratri Day 7, Kalaratri Puja, Saptami – October 16th, (Tuesday)

Navratri Day 8, Saraswati Puja – October 17th, (Wednesday)

Sharad Navratri ends – October 18th, (Thursday)

Sharad Navratri Ghatasthapana Puja Vidhi

Nine Day Durga Navratri Values

1st Day ( Pratipada) : The first days is known as Pratipada. It is devoted to the Lord Durga and people worship Lord Durga so she will bring the health and prosperity to the house.

2nd Day ( (Dwitiya) : The second day is again devoted to Lord Durga and it is known as Dwitiya . The people worship Mata for giving them power and energy.

3rd Day ( (Tritiya) : Again the third day of Navratri is devoted to Lord Durga and it is known as Tritiya. One worship Lord Durga for giving them bravery and courage.

4th Day ( Chaturthi) : The fourth day of Navratri is devoted to the Lord Laxmi which is the symbol of money and prosperity.

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5th day (Panchami) : The fifth day of Navratri is devoted to Lord Laxmi and it is called as Panchami. One worship Lord Laxmi for keeping the financial blessing in their family.

6th Day (Sashti) : The 6th days of Navratri are know as Sashti and it is again devoted to Lord Laxmi. The people worship Mata Laxmi for allowing them to live happy happily with her blessings.

7th Day (Saptami) : The 7th days of Navratri are known as Saptami and it is devoted to the Lord Saraswati and is known as Kalratri. People worship her for making the protection from all kinds of troubles and anxiety.

8th Day (Ashtami ) : The eight-day is known as Ashtami. And, on this day’s Lord Durga is devoted to tranquillity, serenity, and beauty.

9th Day (Navami ) : The 9th days is known as Navami. On this days, one worship Siddhidatri for all the eight Siddhis.



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