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Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski’s Viral Kissing Video Sparks Hilarious Memes

There’s a new dating rumour going on in the town and it’s about Harry Styles dating Emily Ratajkowski as their kissing video goes viral. Social media recently got a few videos of Harry and Emily having a kiss in Japan and netizens are a reaction to it. But is it really true about Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski?

Read ahead to know rumours about Harry Styles dating Emily Ratajkowski goes viral as the duo’s kissing video surfaces.

Harry Styles’ kissing video with Emily Ratajkowski goes viral on social media

Although dating rumours are nothing new on social media to go viral. The celebs about whom it goes viral do make netizens to react them differently. Recently we saw some videos going viral of Emily Ratajkowski and Harry Styles.

Both Emily Ratajkowski and Harry Styles can be seen in the viral video kissing each other in the streets of Tokyo. Where Styles is wearing a black outfit and Emily was visible in a pink puffer coat. It has made netizens to react it.

Netizens’ react to Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski kissing video

After the videos of Harry Styles kissing Emily Ratajkowski passionately went viral on social media. Netizens have been talking about the same. As in the video one can see both Emily and Harry having a lip lock in the streets.

One of the netizens on social media wrote “I’m giving it two weeks what about y’all?”. While another wrote, “Harry styles and Emily Ratajkowski are both so attractive individually that if they become a legit couple it will cause a shift in the universe”.

More about the dating rumours of Emily Ratajkowski and Harry Styles

While everyone is thinking about Emily Ratajkowski and Harry Styles’ dating rumours with kissing videos of them going viral. Some of them talked about Emily Ratajkowski being the celebrity crush of Harry Styles. Not to forget, 8 years back Styles called Emily Ratajkowski his celebrity crush.

Netizens have thus been saying that Harry has manifested his kiss with Emily. While none of them has officially confirmed the dating rumours yet. Previously though, Emily Ratajkowski separated from her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard. While Harry Styles broke up with Olivia Wilde. However, fans are waiting curiously to know when and if Harry and Emily will make their relationship public.

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