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Has Maryland Banned TikTok? Governor Hogan Prohibits App For Government Employees

TikTok one of the most popular apps across the world is currently facing ban threats to it including in Maryland. Well, we got to hear a lot about TikTok in the United States these days concern of security threats. There are users fearing of a possible ban of the app in their region. Like we got to know in Maryland recently. But is TikTok really facing a ban in Maryland?

Read ahead to know more about the TikTok ban in Maryland sparks fears in users.

Maryland users fear TikTok ban in the state

The United States already discussing its action on anything that can put its security at risk. We had been having news about a possible ban on the US for quite some time. As one of the bans put by the US is certainly the popular app TikTok. Moreover, that finds its ties with China.

Meanwhile, US states might be thinking about a ban on TikTok concerning the security threat. Maryland users are already in fear of not being able to use the app in their state. As the Maryland government has made some announcements recently regarding TikTok use in the state.

Is TikTok really banned in Maryland?

Recently, on 6th December 2022, we got to know that Larry Hogan, the governor of Maryland has already taken action against the use of TikTok in the state. As Larry announced saying “Today, the state of Maryland is issuing an emergency cybersecurity directive to prohibit the use of certain Chinese and Russian-influenced products and platforms in state government-including TikTok”.

Further, that announcement has already made users of Maryland worry about the use of TikTok. As literally there are lots of users in Maryland using TikTok. Who now fear not being able to use the app in their state.

Can Maryland users use TikTok even after government announcement?

Well, the TikTok prohibition from the government comes for the one working for the state government. As they can’t use the app on a government device. However, others would still be able to use TikTok on their phone or computers.

Looking at the cybersecurity concerns of the state, the governor of Maryland made the announcement about the prohibition of TikTok for state government employees. Hence, others won’t be affected by the same because of this.

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