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Hasbulla under fire for alleged cat abuse in viral video

The Russian internet personality Hasbulla is facing backlash on social media after one of his videos allegedly abusing his cat went viral. Hasbulla has been one of the fastest-growing internet personality. At the same time, he has millions of fans across the world. His videos on the internet often go viral. But this time it’s for the wrong reason that his video has gone viral.

Read ahead to know more Hasbulla faces backlash on the internet after his video of allegedly abusing the cat goes viral.

Hasbulla and his social media fame

Hasbulla Magomedov, the famous Russian internet personality has over the years found immense popularity on the internet. His videos often go viral and have made him get millions of fans across the world. Hasbulla is also famous as “Mini Khabib”.

Hasbulla is active on social media and is often seen posting his videos on the platforms. Apart from that, he is also connected with UFC having his role as an ambassador of the company. But recently one of his videos went viral on the internet and everyone is talking about it.

Hasbulla’s video allegedly abusing his cat goes viral

Hasbulla has millions of followers across his social media accounts. He keeps posting his videos and sometimes it’s with his pet cat. Though most of his videos of him go viral on the internet. The recent video of Hasbulla is surely not getting a positive response from the netizens.

It was on March 28th that a Twitter user posted a video of Hasbulla where he can be seen pulling his cat’s ear and smacking its head. The video shared by the Twitter user was a recording from the YouTube channel of Hasbulla as it appeared.

However, the video seems to have been deleted from the channel of the Russian internet star. As the video is no longer available on his channel. Yet, after the Twitter video of Hasbulla with his cat went viral. Netizens have been reacting on the same and you can’t miss it.

Netizens react to Hasbulla’s viral video with his cat

After coming across the viral Twitter video of Hasbulla netizens have been reacting the same. As some found the video to be abusive towards his cat.

One of the user on Twitter wrote “This is offensive and needs taking down. Anyone defending it has different values to a real person. RSPCA needs a look. Weird”.

While some didn’t find the video to be something serious. Yet, Hasbulla is still to react to the backlash.

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