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He comes up with crazy ideas without thinking – Burna boy’s mother speaks on frequent feud with son



Burna Boy and mum scaled

Burna Boy‘s mother, Bose Ogulu, has said that she and her son often dispute over how money should be spent.

This was revealed by the singer’s mother, who also serves as his manager, in a recent CNN interview.

When questioned about the topic on which she and her son, burna boy, have the greatest disagreements, she stated that it is spending.

According to Burna boy’s mother, when it comes to money, Bose and her son, Damini Ogulu, don’t think alike.


“We don’t think we should be spending money on the same thing.” Bose said.

Burna Boy, she said, comes up with different ideas without considering the cost, especially when it comes to video shooting.

In her words;

“So he comes up with really crazy ideas without really thinking about what it costs or what it doesn’t cost. And so, my first reaction would be no, that’s not going to work. How are we going to make back that money?”


Bose then said that she has realized that no isn’t always the best answer. Rather, they’d figure out a way to make things appear like Burna boy wanted them to without spending a lot of money.

She said;

“And then I learned that it’s not ‘no’. It’s just that we should find a way of still making it look like what he wants or close to what he wants without spending as much.”



I Cannot Say Polygamy Is A Sin



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Famous Nigerian author, Reno Omokri has spoken out about the thorny issue of polygamy and Christianity.

In response to a query on whether polygamy is a sin, Reno stated that men of God were permitted to have more than one wife in the Old Testament of the Bible.

He did point out, however, that parts of the Bible in the New Testament have been construed to suggest that God opposes polygamy. He went on to say that God did not forbid polygamy in any portion of the Bible.

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A user on Instagram had posed the following question:

”Good evening Pastor Reno Omokri. What would you say about polygamy. Is it a sin? Maybe it is the solution to all these cheating scandals?”

Responding, Reno said

”Well, what I am about to say is purely my personal opinion, from my understanding of Scripture. I do not speak for Christianity as a faith.

If we go by 2 Samuel 12:8, we see that God Himself gave David multiple wives. That verse says “I gave your master’s house to you, and your master’s wives.” Also, Old Testament Prophets were polygamous. The New Testament mandates monogamy for only overseers-1 Timothy 3:2. I can not say polygamy is a sin.

However, the definition of what is sinful in the New Testament is subjective. According to the New Testament, “whatever is not from faith is sin”-Romans 14:23.


From the above, if you do anything from the conviction of your faith, flowing from your conscience, it is not sinful. However, if your conscience is against it, then it is sin for you.

What God hates is divorce. We see this in Malachi 2:6. You will never see anywhere where God condemned polygamy. Some people quote Matthew 19:5 and Genesis 2:24 “a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.” Some people understand this to mean that polygamy is out of the question. But among the Commandments that God gave the Israelites through Moses, were laws governing polygamy, for example Exodus 21:10, Deuteronomy 21:15-17.

However, let me restate that these are not doctrines. These are my privately held opinions which I will never preach on an altar as the ‘thus says the Lord’.

Thank you and may God bless you.”



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DJ Cuppy Hints On Throwing A Birthday Bash For Her Expensive Puppies, Dúdú & FünFün



1643401207 Screenshot 2022 01 28 at 8.16.07 PM

Nigerian musician and disc jockey, Florence Otedola who is known in showbiz as DJ Cuppy has hinted at throwing a birthday bash for her two expensive Pomeranian puppies, Dúdú and FünFün.

The billionaire made this known in a recent post she made on her verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Twitter.

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According to her, her puppies will be celebrating their first birthday next month revealing that she is trying to decide on what to do for them.

... she made reads;


“…Trying to decide what to do for Dúdú and FünFün’s 1st birthday next month”

Screenshot 2022 01 28 at 8.16.07 PM

Not long ago, Cuppy stormed social media with her new bald hairstyle. Speaking about it, she indicated that her decision to go bald was a bold and scary one for her. She also expressed gratitude to her fans and all those who passed kind words and comments on her short hair.

Cuppy wrote;

“My IG Cupcakes! I honestly love the fact that you like my new hair, I see your comments and DMs.

“Going bald was a scary and bold move for me so I appreciate every single one of you supporting me and welcoming this new Cuppy.”



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