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Heartstopper Season 2 Explores Isaac's Asexual Journey, According to Alice Oseman

Heartstopper explores the complexities of being a teenager, coming out, and discovering one’s true identity in a moving and insightful way. The series is based on the graphic novels by Alice Oseman, who adapted her work for Netflix with the help of Euros Lyn. Throughout the story, we follow Nick (Kit Connor) and Charlie (Joe Locke), who form an unlikely friendship and then become more than they originally thought.

Heartstopper has been highly praised for its depiction of LGBTQ+ representation, featuring gay, bisexual, transgender, and lesbian characters. However, the topic of asexuality and aromanticism has yet to be fully explored in the series. Recently, Oseman teased that these identities would be explored in the future.

During a chat with Attitude, Alice Oseman revealed that Tobie Donovan’s character, Isaac, will embark on a personal journey where he learns about and accepts his asexual identity. Oseman stated that the show will handle the topic of asexuality in a relevant and meaningful manner, and expressed optimism for its potential impact. Rather than being didactic, viewers should be able to gain new insights into an established character by observing the portrayal of asexuality in Heartstopper.

Oseman also confirmed through Twitter that the asexual elements of Isaac were intentional and present in the first season.

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As the two main characters of Heartstopper do not identify as asexuals or aromantics, those identities have not been a major focus in the series. However, in their book Loveless, Oseman, who identifies as aro/ace, delves deep into these identities and discusses them in a comprehensive manner. Although there will not be a direct association between the two projects, Heartstopper offers an opportunity for Oseman to initiate a deeper conversation about asexuality and aromanticism. Considering the limited representation of these identities in the media and the widespread misinformation about them, this is of particular significance.

Through Heartstopper, viewers will be able to see themselves represented in the media through a familiar character exploring their aro/ace identity. By doing so, some individuals may be able to better understand their own identity.



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