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Here’s how Netflix intends to stop password-sharing

Here’s how Netflix intends to stop password-sharing

You might have heard about Netflix wanting to clamp down on password-sharing for its accounts as early as Q1 2023. If not: the streaming service said that users who share accounts had been a major problem since 2019, and they want to limit each account to a household.

The streaming service has since updated its FAQ to clarify how this enforcement will affect its subscribers. We’ve summarised the key points below.

Netflix uses information “such as IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity” to determine if your streaming account is signed in on devices within the same household. People who don’t live in the same household “will need to use their own account to watch Netflix”. 

If Netflix detects logins from a device not within the household, it will ping the primary account holder to verify via code within 15 minutes (via email address or phone number). This also includes scenarios where Netflix account owners are travelling overseas and watching their shows – it’ll happen so long as the device is detected outside your household.

It’s not very different from how Netflix handles logins from unfamiliar devices or locations. The FAQ doesn’t mention anything about permanently locking out users who don’t abide by its recommendations, despite the additions to its FAQ. We’ll see what happens when the restrictions come into full effect.

Source: 9To5Mac, Netflix (FAQ)



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