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Here's how Nigeria's presidential inauguration will unfold


Usually, the event takes place at Eagle Square, a venue that was built for that purpose and other state functions when the country returned to democratic rule in 1999. Since the beginning of the fourth republic, Nigeria’s presidential inauguration ceremonies have been held on May 29.

Graced by presidents, government officials of other countries as well as former Nigerian presidents, and other invited dignitaries, the inauguration ceremony is typically held amid tight security.

During the ceremony, the president-elect will make some statements administered by the Chief Justice of Nigeria to affirm his position and duties. This pronouncement — entrenched in the constitution — is known as the Oath of Office.

After taking the oath of office, the president-elect will officially become the president of the country and thereafter, the outgoing president will hand over the national and the defence flags to the president.

The handing over of the flags involves the lowering and raising of the national and the defence flags while the Guard Brigade performs.

Once the flags are lowered, the flag bearers will neatly fold them and place them in a glass box in the hand of the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) of the Guards Brigade.

Upon receiving the flags, the RSM will march forward and hand the box to the Commander Guard Brigade, who will then pass it to the Chief of Defence Staff.

The Chief of Defence Staff will after that march towards the outgoing president and the new president and hand over the box to the outgoing president.

To usher in a new administration, the outgoing president will present new flags folded in another glass box to the new president, who will then pass it to the Chief of Defence Staff. The box will then be passed to the Commander Guard Brigade, who will forward it to the Regimental Sergeant Major.

Once the box is received, the RSM will present the new flags to the flagbearers to hoist them to indicate the beginning of a new administration.

After the hoisting of the flags, the president is expected to deliver his speech after which he will proceed to inspect the officers and guards on parade.

This is the moment the new president is seen in an open roof vehicle moving round the parade ground while waving at the crowd and invited guests.

Finally, the new president will be taken to the Presidential Villa in the official vehicle that brought the ex-president to the inauguration venue.