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Here’s Why Some Fans Think David Bowie’s Final Album is a Reference to Elvis

David Bowie fans are convinced his final album holds heavy references to the King of Rock and Roll himself. After recording it secretly, Bowie released Blackstar just two days before he died in 2016. Without the artist’s insight into the project, fans have analyzed the record repeatedly, leading to the theory that there are several references to Elvis Presley. 

Elvis Presley had a lesser-known song titled ‘Black Star’ 

According to The Guardian, the album title is the most convincing link to Presley, as it possibly refers to The King’s less popular song, “Black Star.” Many believe the black star referenced in the lyrics represents death. “Every man has a black star, a black star over his shoulder,” Elvis sings. “And when a man sees his black star, he knows his time, his time has come.”



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