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Heston Blumenthal is reportedly engaged to a French woman

Heston Blumenthal might have found love in another French woman following his split with ‘wife’ Stephanie Gouveia.

Here is everything you need to know.

Heston Blumenthal announces his engagement

According to recent reports by the Daily Mail, Heston Blumenthal is supposedly engaged to a French woman named Melanie Ceysson. 

Moreover, Blumenthal talked to the media outlet where he seemingly confirmed the shocking news.

He said, ‘I have found my other half.’

In addition, Blumenthal revealed that he is living with her in a national park.

Furthermore, his spokesperson also talked to the publication and claimed that the chef will legally bind Ceysson with a marriage ceremony.

He supposedly added, ‘I am going to get officially married to Melanie.’

Meanwhile, reports are claiming that Blumenthal has been seeing Ceysson for quite a few months. 

In addition, Ceysson is reportedly in her 30s and has worked with Blumenthal before while working in France’s hospitality business.

Nevertheless, Blumenthal, who attended Latymer Upper School in West London, has declined to give any more information about her new fiancee.

Heston Blumenthal and Stephanie Gouveia’s relationship

Heston Blumenthal allegedly tied the knot with Stephanie Gouveia, who is 21 years her senior in 2018 in the Maldives. 

However, friends of the Gouveia have reportedly claimed that the French estate agent never legally married Blumenthal.

Besides that, a spokesperson for the famed chef addressed Blumenthal and Gouveia’s controversial marriage by releasing a statement.

It read, ‘Heston and Stephanie are delighted to announce they’ve got married. They were spending some quality time together and decided to seize the moment.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Gouveia mentioned, ‘Marriage should be recognized by legal authorities. This wasn’t. What happened does not constitute a marriage in a legally binding sense.’

Besides that, a source close to Gouveia alleged that ‘despite all the reports at the time, they were never married.’

They went on to add, ‘Heston and Stephanie actually split up some time ago.’

Regardless, Gouveia welcomed a child together with Blumenthal shortly before the couple’s alleged wedding ceremony in 2018.

Blumenthal on the other hand is also a father to three children: Zack (25), Jessie (22), and Joy (20). He shares them with his first and also former wife Zanna.

Blumenthal married Zanna in 1989 when he was just 23. They eventually parted ways in 20111 and finalized their divorce in 2017.

However, it remains unclear whether Blumenthal will go through divorce proceedings with Gouveia despite their alleged marriage. 

Moreover, we are still unsure whether Gouveia would receive any part of Blumenthal’s multi-million-pound estate.


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