Hocus Pocus 3 has been confirmed by Disney Boss

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Disney hocus pocus It spent nearly 30 years growing into a classic Halloween movie. The box office returns when the movie was first released and was not immediately released hocus pocus success. However, the movie is now a staple of the spooky season, and 2022’s House of Mouse sequel broke streaming records for Disney+ when it debuted. Given all the love for hocus pocus 2It should come as no surprise that Disney is officially moving forward with a third installment of the franchise.

Disney CEO Sean Bailey is in charge of the company’s live-action studio, so he directs films like the little MermaidAnd Peter Pan WendyAnd hocus pocus 2. During a recent profile with The New York TimesBilly talked about the various projects in his studio that were in development. in the list hocus pocus 3which is certainly happening.

There are no other details regarding hocus pocus 3 For now, other than the fact that it’s already moving forward. One has to assume that the other hocus pocus Obviously, the movie stars the trio of Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy. When asked about the third installment before H! News Earlier this year, Midler said she was “not sure” if that was happening.

In addition to the original trio of witches, hocus pocus 2 Also featured is the return of Billy Butcherson, again played by Doug Jones.

“When that call came, I was excited to do it all again. I got to be reunited with Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy, which was so dreamy,” Jones said. collider. “The difference between 30 years of working with them is that I was blown away the first time around. I was a huge fan of Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy, Cathy and Mo show And Sister Act, at that time. They were all huge in my world. I was just like, ‘I can’t believe I’m in the same place as these people. Oh my God!’ Going back, you never lose your passion for the stars, really, or don’t. I was still like, “Oh, my God, here they are again.” But now, at 30, my career is gone, and thank God, I’ve been Very lucky with what happened in my life, that they were treating me, and we were interacting more as peers. That was a huge difference that I noticed, and I was very happy about it. We’re all over 30, and we’ve both matured and experienced a lot of life in that time, so there was a lot to talk about On the set. It was really cool.”

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