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House of Dragon: Who Is Craghas Drahar? The Monstrous New ‘House of the Dragon’ Villain?



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Craghas Drahar, often known as the Crabfeeder, is a new villain in the House of Dragons. He made his official debut in House of the Dragon Episode 2.

His look and actions are creepy. He feeds humans to crabs. He nailed sailors to stakes on a sandbar, letting them slowly rot while hordes of crabs feasted on their corpses.

In the first episode, Corlys Velaryon was anxious about a Triarchy pirate sabotaging Westeros’ main commerce route in the Stepstones. He had established House Velaryon as a major power through trade. Thus, any impact on the business would upset him.


The reason behind his anger is disclosed in Episode 2. He is angry with Crabfeeder, who now rules Stepstones. After Drahar seized the land, he started to charge tolls in exchange for anyone using the shipping lane. 

But, he increases the toll price and even starts to rob the ships and feed the sailors to crabs. Coincidentally, most of the ships belonged to Corlys.

Viserys is reluctant to engage in a war with him because he has a powerful alliance of three wealthy city-states. But, The Sea Snake (Corlys) and Prince Daemon want to try their hand at defeating him.

Viewers will need to keep watching the next episode to determine the result of the clash- whether Prince Daemon and Corlys will be able to defeat him or not. 



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