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How Boxer punched in-law to death in Edo


Idahosa Moses | Benin City

A Benin City-based Boxer, Mr Scott Eguabor, has allegedly punched his brother-in-law, identified as Mr Sunday Okoro to death, while trying to resolve marital crisis between his immediate younger sister and her husband.

The incident which occurred March 19, at Erie Street, off Sokponba Road, Benin City, according to multiple sources is coming one week after the boxer allegedly assaulted a Pastor following a disagreement over security levy.

Eguabor, a Coach in charge of Boxing in Edo State Ministry of Sports Council and Head of the State Security Network in Erie and its environs, allegedly fled his home after committing the crime, barely one month after the victim’s wife put to bed.

 Okoro, a father of three children, was said to have responded to an invitation by his younger sister who is a renowned Judoka in the same Sports Ministry with her husband, to settle a quarrel in his in-law’s house where Eguabor, allegedly inflicted severe injuries on Okoro’s eyes and nose.

An eyewitness, Mr Osahon Okoro-Obaraye, told The Nigerian Tribune that Sunday, wept bitterly over the attack before the proceeded to Esigie Police Division where he formally made the complaint and was advised by a policeman on duty to go and treat the injury.

The eyewitness added that in the heat of his ordeal, Mr Sunday who is believed to be in his early 30’s, and bleeding severely trekked to meet his in-law’s house in First Erie Lane and demanded the whereabouts of Boxer, without the presence of the police who did not follow the injured victim to the scene of the crime.

He explained that suddenly, Mr Sunday who could barely mutter, allegedly slumped and gave up the ghost and upon sensing danger, the alleged murderer fled immediately.

Okoro-Obaraye recalled how Eguabor bracingly had terrorised residents of Erie and its environs with firearms under the toga of Edo State Vigilante Network, Aruosa Command near Igbesamwan street junction.

Distraught Okoro-Obaraye also revealed that he took Sunday in his vehicle to different hospitals in Benin after he (Sunday) fell for urgent medical attention, but was later doctors confirmed dead by the doctors.

*He alleged that Eguabor also dealt with several persons in the neighbourhood including the Cleric who was rescued by his church members in the hands of the fugitive when he launched an attack on a Pastor (name withheld) at the peak of his contemptible rage.

Recalling how Mr Eguabor Scott’s wife, had informed her elder brother who lives in Upper Sokponba Road on a telephone to come to her rescue when she had a fracas with her husband late Saturday, March 18th 2023, Okoro-Obaraye alleged that Mr “Scott’s wife told her brother that her life was in danger.

 “Consequently, the elder brother called Mr Sunday who works in Erie street as a coffin maker but lives on Ski street in Benin intervenes.

“After Sunday who was in the church received a phone call from his elder brother, he left his church at about 2 p.m.

“He (Sunday) greeted me (the eyewitness) in Erie Street and thereafter proceeded to a place called “Mama Joy bar” where Scott was relaxing. After greeting his brother-in-law (Scott) and his sister.

“He asked the Couple, why are they always quarrelling? Why can’t they stop their incessant quarrel?

“Suddenly, Scott stood up and gave Sunday a direct punch on his nose and mouth.

 “Immediately Sunday fell, Scott began to shout and ordered that Sunday’s life should be terminated. 

“Consequently, some persons who were present at the scene were lifted  Sunday from the floor. Momentarily, Sunday limped out of the scene and began to lament his ordeal.

“Esigie police immediately prepared an extract for Sunday to go and treat himself at the police Clinic in Benin before Sunday began to make his statement.

“They (sympathizers) wanted to bring Sunday’s corpse to the paternal home of his killer and I opposed it to avert further bloodshed.

“I then took his body to the same police station where we were advised to take his body to one of the hospital mortuaries we took him to after the incident for preservation.

“Mr Sunday, a casket maker, had just finished paying over N300,000 debt he incurred after his wife (widow) delivered a baby boy via a Caesarian Section (CS).

“Who will take of the young widow and his three children?”, Okoro-Obaraye queried, while demanding justice, and support for the family of the deceased from all forms of intrusion”, the eyewitness said.

As of the time of filing this report, police operatives are yet to visit the scene of the crime after the attack and death were reported,  just as the spokesman of the Nigeria police Command in Edo State, SP. Chidi Nwabuzor is yet to respond to an inquiry from journalists.



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