How did MrBeast make his money? Revenue explored as YouTuber reveals he was robbed in the beginning of his career

Fans and followers have questioned how YouTuber MrBeast generates money and how much he actually makes, despite the fact that his success cannot be disputed.

Jimmy Donaldson, nicknamed MrBeast, has more than 97 million subscribers on YouTube and creates all kinds of bizarre movies. He actually invests thousands or maybe millions of dollars in making his extravagant films and projects.

The YouTuber’s journey hasn’t exactly been smooth, though. He recently disclosed in a video how, in the start of his career, he was robbed of everything in his home.



On the most recent episode of The Yard Podcast MrBeast provides startling revelations saying I was stalked and robbed

MrBeast, a well-known creator of unique and high-quality movies, discussed the heist and other topics in a recent episode of The Yard Podcast. This took place well before his YouTube popularity, more than five years ago.

“This happened four and a half years ago when I got home. I arrived quite late, around three in the morning; as I approached my door to insert the key, I noticed a dot appear on the door, and for a little moment, I thought I was going to pass out. I turned back after that but didn’t see anyone, so I walked inside and merely peered through the blinds for the next five hours. I left the following day, and when I got back, everything had been taken. Therefore, I was the subject of a stalker.

The YouTuber continued by saying that he had around a million subscribers at the time. But he pointed out that the robber didn’t know who he was.

What is Mr Beast source of income? – Revenue sources and more

Jimmy is currently one of the highest-paid YouTubers. He made up to $54 million as of 2021 through various sponsorship deals, ads, and merchandise including apparel and video games. Additionally, he started his own ice cream company called Feastables.

“If you want to know the special secret, if you want to know how it all started, all of my money has come from YouTube. My parents aren’t so wealthy, I’m just 20 years old, and YouTube just pays more than you think.”
Jimmy Donaldson currently makes an average of $1 million every month, based on data from the YouTube analytics service Social Blade.

He reportedly spends more than $300,000 to make a single film, according to sources. He spent more than $4.5 million on his well-known Squid Game video.

The YouTube celebrity, nevertheless, did not suddenly become successful. Before starting to produce material, he spent months studying YouTube and the craft of online filmmaking. He claims that reaching the first million takes some time, but once you do, everything is easy sailing.



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