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How I Met Your Father Fans Could Definitely Feel HIMYM Vibes In Season 2, Episode 2

When a spin-off show is released that follows the massive success of a predecessor show, fans will invariably begin to compare the two. Stray too far from the inspiration, and audiences will wonder what the point is, and on the reverse, be too similar to the original show, and that same group will pick it apart. In other words, there is an exceptionally delicate balancing act regarding spin-offs, and fans are starting to get on board with “HIMYF.”

Discussing Episode 2 of Season 2 over on Reddit, u/GetHighWatchMovies wrote, “This episode was great! It already feels stronger than the first season in the sense of just exploring the misadventures of this friend group and plotting. It is getting closer to the feeling of ‘HIMYM’ where it functions as a sitcom episode to episode but still feels like an epic story is being told in the long form.” Others also felt the same way, with u/DailyTrips saying that they laughed throughout this most recent episode and that the events remind them very much of “HIMYM,” asking who else throws unnecessary parties and delivers babies. Similarly, u/pkfreezer stated, “Both new episodes feel like classic ‘HIMYM’; it’s great. But I fear that having a subpar first season (minus the last two episodes) is still gonna leave this show off the radar for most people. Hope they keep up the good quality.” In other words, “How I Met Your Father” is beginning to resonate with longtime fans.



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