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How inflation, high food prices is forcing vulcanisers out of business in Lagos

Aliyu Adeyemi, a vulcaniser in the Apapa area told Naijaonpoint that he may be quitting vulcanising to work as a bus driver to earn more income.

“Last week, my friend who is a bus driver had to travel to Ijebu-Ode for a ceremony and he asked me to help him with his transportation business for the two days he was gone. For each of the days, I made no less than N7000 for myself after delivering to the bus owner his own cut. So tell me if I’m supposed to continue as a vulcaniser earning N2000 in a day,” Adeyemi said.

Another vulcaniser, who identifies simply as “Manpower” and operates around Cele bus stop in Okota said that the profession which has never been lucrative, is now not good enough to depend on for daily income.

“For a whole day, you may end up making just around N1500 at the most. But how do you manage to savage when you end up using all of it for feeding yourself and family because food prices have skyrocketed in the last few years,” he said.

He said that at this point, he has to look for another means of income because the present is no longer catering for him and his small family.



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