How long does it take to afford the Apple iPhone 15 Pro globally?

The Apple iPhone 15 series is out, and many of you are probably making up your mind about buying one of those four shiny phones. The starting price for the basic iPhone 15 is $799, soaring to $999 for iPhone 15 Pro and $1,199 for the Pro Max model. An iPhone 15 Plus (128GB) also costs you $899.

After releasing the price tag, the question that pops up in your mind is probably how long does it take me to afford an iPhone 15 Pro (128GB) in the US, and what is the situation for other countries? According to the international e-commerce platform Picodi, it takes around 5.3 days for an American citizen to afford the Apple iPhone 15 Pro (128GB). New York sales tax of 8.875% is also included.

American citizens need only 5.3 days of work to afford an Apple iPhone 15 Pro

If you think that 5.3 days to buy an iPhone 15 Pro in the US is unreasonable due to the current inflation, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data reports the average wage in the states is $61,900.

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro price is the same price as iPhone 14 Pro. Last year, you needed 5.7 man-days to afford the iPhone 14 Pro. Likewise, in 2018, it took you 8.4 man-days to be able to buy an iPhone XS. Data shows that from 2018 onwards, US citizens needed fewer man-days to buy an iPhone at the same price as the iPhone 15 Pro.

What about other countries? The only country with a better rank than the US is the capital of world banking, Switzerland. It takes only 4.2 man-days for a person in Switzerland to buy an Apple iPhone 15 Pro. The following are Australia with 6.3 days, Luxembourg with 6.5 days, and Singapore with 6.7 days. Finally, Turkish citizens need to work 123.7 days to buy this phone, which is the highest in the world.

Other notable countries in the list are as follows:

– Canada (7.7 man-days)
– Ireland (8.4)
– German (9.5)
– U.K. (9.9)
– South Korea (10.1)
– France (10.2)
– Japan (12.6)
– Spain (15,5)
– Italy (16.6)
– Taiwan (18.7)
– China (23.5)
– Vietnam (55.6)
– India (55.9)