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How many software updates will your Apple Watch Series 8 get?

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The iPhone maker introduced the Apple Watch Series 8 at its show far Event. This decent addition to the Apple Watch family offers car accident detection, a body temperature monitor, and more. It’s not a noticeable upgrade coming from the 7 Series, however, those who are switching from older models will appreciate the additions that recent years have brought. The great thing about the Apple Watch is that it receives software updates. So even if you have a slightly older model, it will still feel about the same as the newer one. Of course, there are always exclusive features missing. However, the overall experience remains similar. So, if you’re planning to buy an Apple Watch Series 8, you must be wondering – how many years of software updates will you get?

Software updates on Apple Watch Series 8

Apple doesn’t publicly say how many years of software support the watch will have. However, we can study the style of the company by researching this product’s history and timeline. The Apple Watch Series 3 was discounted in 2022 – five years after its launch. So it launched with watchOS 4 and got the latest version of watchOS 8.

Series 8 is much faster and larger than Series 3. So in theory, there shouldn’t be any reasons to kill its support early. Your Apple Watch Series 8 will likely get at least five years of software updates. Of course, the actual number can be higher or lower. We only estimate and assume based on how the company operates. So if your Apple Watch Series 8 gets five years of software updates, that will stay updated until 2027 or so. Given its launch with watchOS 9, we can expect to see at least the final version of watchOS 14 by the time it retires.

    Apple Watch Series 8 offers car accident detection, a body temperature monitor, and more. It packs an Apple S8 chip and runs watchOS 9.

What color of the Apple Watch Series 8 did you choose, and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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