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How outdated is Jeffrey Greeson? New Hampshire Rep. arrested after encounter with snowplow driver

Jeffrey Greeson, a New Hampshire lawmaker, was taken into custody on Friday, March 10, 2023, after he allegedly screamed and verbally abused a snow plow truck operator.

The 51-year-old Republican lawmaker faces a lot of prices, collectively with assault and disorderly conduct. Law enforcement officers obtained a report of a citizen trying to hinder a member of the Wentworth Highway Department from clearing the snow on March 4, 2023.

The worker moreover recorded bits of the interaction with Greeson on his cellphone. The truck operator was acknowledged as Paul Manson, who claimed that Jeffrey Greeson began yelling at him, and he initially had no idea why.

Jeffrey Greeson charged with assault and disorderly conduct for misbehaving with snowplow operator
After native authorities obtained Manson’s identify, they acknowledged the one who was obstructing the strategy as New Hampshire lawmaker Jeffrey Greeson. Paul Manson had moreover recorded bits of his verbal altercation with Greeson.

In a video that Manson posted on Facebook, the lawmaker may very well be heard screaming at Manson. The truck driver talked about that initially when Jeffrey began yelling at him, he was unsure what was happening, nevertheless when he purchased out of his truck, the latter was continued screaming in his face. That was when Paul purchased his cellphone out to doc the altercation.

In the video posted on Facebook, Jeffrey Greeson may very well be heard referring to the snow and yelling at Manson to not put it in entrance of his driveway. Paul is heard responding and telling Greeson to get his arms off as a result of the latter was yelling in his face.

Greeson is heard getting further agitated as he screams on the truck driver to push the snow out of the freeway. He then yells at Paul and tells him that his job to clear the freeway and continues to say:

He was moreover heard yelling and asking Manson to push the pile of snow out of his driveaway.

Greeson reportedly purchased indignant and agitated when Manson was clearing the snow off the roads to make it useful and guarded for drivers. His plow reportedly blocked the Republican lawmaker’s driveway, which led to an unpleasant outburst.

After the yelling and screaming went on for some time, Greeson appeared to lose steadiness throughout the snow and didn’t chase after Paul. He then appeared to easily stand in entrance of the plow, seemingly trying to set off hindrance in Paul’s work.

Paul Manson recalled the altercation with Jeffrey Greeson and talked about that the latter was upset on account of Paul wasn’t pushing the snow off the freeway far enough. He talked about that he was putting it throughout the lawmaker’s driveway as that’s what he does. He elaborated on it and talked about:

He further added that when he started to get out of his truck, Greeson purchased correct as a lot because the truck driver’s face and yelled at him a bit bit further.

Police arrested the Republican lawmaker on Friday in reference to verbal abuse and misconduct. He has moreover been charged with disorderly conduct, felony threatening, and straightforward assault.

Jeffrey Greeson reportedly talked about in an e mail that he had apologized for his conduct. He reportedly wrote that he had a “heated exchange with a man,” nevertheless added that he apologized to the particular person, who, in accordance with the lawmaker, accepted his apology. Greeson moreover talked about that the apology befell a lot of days prior to now and that the two of them have moved on from the incident.

The horrified snowplow truck operator, nonetheless, talked about that he couldn’t recuperate from the incident for pretty only a few days. Noting that it was “mind-blowing” to him, he talked about that it took him only a few days to chill down and understand what had occurred.

It was revealed that Jeffrey Greeson despatched a voicemail to Paul, nevertheless, they haven’t indulged in a dialog given that verbal altercation. Paul further mentioned that he didn’t know that Greeson was a public decide.

“That’s no way a state representative [should] treat anybody. If he treats me that way, how is he treating anybody else? [Jeffrey Greeson] should be held accountable for his actions, just like we are, as normal, everyday citizens. I was trying to do my job. I was mortified… just having somebody treat somebody like that.”

After Greeson was arrested, a lot of media outlets tried reaching out to him for any comment regarding the incident. However, he’s however to answer to those calls. Matt Wilhelm described the prices in the direction of Greeson as “serious and deeply troubling.” He wrote:

“The relationship between an elected official and their constituents is a sacred trust. I hope Rep. Greeson will do some soul-searching over the weekend as he considers the next steps for himself and the community he serves.”

Republican New Hampshire state Rep. Jeffrey Greeson (R) has been arrested for felony threatening and assault. Greeson is presently launched on personal recognizance, and his courtroom look is scheduled for May 18, 2023, on the Plymouth District Court.



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