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How Pretty Woman Led To Jason Alexander's Role On Seinfeld



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As he prepared for his “Seinfeld” audition, Alexander got the sense that the dialogue in the script read like a Woody Allen film. “And I went, ‘All right, let’s go with that,'” he said. At the time, he didn’t wear glasses, so he went out and bought some frames. Then, when he read for the part, he ramped up a thick New York accent and literally played Woody Allen, mimicking his voice, his gestures, everything.

Though he did what he could with the part, Alexander wasn’t at all convinced he’d nailed it. “I finished the tape and went, ‘I’ll never see that again,'” he said. But just days later, he got a call. He was asked to fly to L.A. and audition live for Seinfeld and the network.

When he arrived, he got some specific directions: Lose the Woody Allen voice, but keep everything else. He also met his competition. There was one other actor reading for the same part and his name was Larry Miller. He’d been in “Pretty Woman,” too, as Mr. Hollister, the manager of the Rodeo Drive store who snubs Vivian. And he was Jerry Seinfeld’s best friend (via L.A. Times).

Now Alexander was sure the part was lost to him. Knowing he didn’t stand a chance, he completely relaxed for his reading. “I was loose. I was loosey-goosey, and I just had a great time going, ‘I’m not gonna get this, so just have fun,'” he said.

Afterward, he flew right home to New York. By the time the plane landed, the news was in. Alexander had won the role of George Costanza. And today, it’s impossible to imagine things turning out any other way.



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