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How to assign crew members to an outpost in Starfield?

How to assign crew members to an outpost in Starfield? In the huge Starfield universe, managing your outpost and assigning crew members is an important a part of your house journey.

Whether you are exploring new frontiers or establishing a base of operations, figuring out how to assign crew members to your outpost is important. This information will stroll you thru the steps, making it straightforward for you to grasp this facet of the sport.

Starfield is an thrilling space-themed sport that permits you to create and handle your outposts, the place crew members play a significant position. Assigning them to particular duties is important to the success of your outpost. So let’s have a look at how one can successfully assign crew members in Starfield.

Step 1: Build a Crew Station in your Outpost

Before you possibly can assign crew members, you have to have a crew station in place in your outpost. Here’s how to construct one:

  1. Access your outpost: Travel to your outpost and ensure you are shut to the realm the place you need to construct the crew station.
  2. Access the Building menu: Look for the construct menu interface. This is the place you will discover all of the buildings and gadgets you possibly can construct in your outpost.
  3. Find the crew station: Under the “Miscellaneous” tab in the constructing menu, you will discover the crew station. Select it.
  4. Build the crew station: Place the crew station in your outpost by following the on-screen directions. Each crew station can accommodate up to 4 crew members.

Step 2: Go to your character menu

Once the Crew Station is in place, it is time to handle your crew. Here’s what you want to do:

  1. Open your character’s menu: Access your character’s menu. This is the place you will discover all of the details about your character and your spaceship.
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Step 3: Go to the Ship part

Your spaceship performs a central position in managing your crew. Let’s transfer on to the Ship part:

  1. In the decrease left nook: In the character menu, you’ll discover a number of sections. Locate the “Ship” part, which is normally in the decrease left nook of the menu.

Step 4: Open the Crew Menu

Now that you’re in the Ship part, you possibly can navigate to the Crew menu and begin assigning your crew members:

  1. Press the designated key: Typically, you have to to press a selected key (for instance, “C”) to open the Crew menu.
  2. Visualize your crew: The Crew menu will show an inventory of all crew members you presently have in your spaceship.

Step 5: Select a crew member to assign

Choose one in every of your crew members from the checklist. This is the crew member you’ll assign to your outpost:

  1. Highlight your selection: Use your mouse or controller to spotlight the crew member you need to assign to the outpost.

Step 6: Assign the crew member

Once your crew member is chosen, it is time to specify their duties on the outpost:

  1. Press the designated key: As with the earlier steps, you have to to press a selected key (for instance, “E”) to open the Assign menu.
  2. Choose a job: In the Assign menu, you will note varied choices to assign your crew member to completely different duties or outpost areas. Select the one which fits your wants.
  3. Confirm your choice: To finalize the task, press the designated key (for instance, “E”) once more. This confirms your selection.
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Congratulations! You have efficiently assigned a crew member to work at your outpost in Starfield. All you have got to do is watch them perform their duties and contribute to the success of your base. If your crew member would not seem on the outpost instantly, don’t fret; they are going to ultimately get there and begin working diligently.

Managing your crew and outposts is an necessary a part of the Starfield expertise, so maintain exploring, growing, and discovering all that this thrilling sport has to provide. And if in case you have every other questions or want extra assist, be happy to ask in the feedback part. Happy house adventures!