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How To Choose A Course That Fits You 2022/2023 Or Study In Nigeria




Are you confused about which course to choose or apply for? or are you interested in tips on How To Choose A Course That Fits You 2022/2023 Or Study In Nigeria?. If yes, then this post is for you. In this blog post, I’ll quickly show you how to choose a course to study or Discipline. People also ask; How do I know which course is best for me? What to consider in choosing a course? Choosing the right course to study, How do I know which course to choose in JAMB UTME?, How do I choose a course in Nigeria? What is the best course in Nigeria? well, the good news is that you are just one step ahead.  Check out below for a few guides on How To Choose A Course That Fits You 2022, Factors to consider when choosing a university course, and JAMB guide on choice of course in 2022/2023.

What career should I choose? What degree should I get that I’ll be happy with years from now? These are questions almost every young person will have to answer at a critical stage of their life.

You want to choose a field of study that your future self will thank you for.

It’s for this reason we make this post to help you choose the right course to study at the university, polytechnic, or college of education in Nigeria or abroad.

More so, choosing a course that fits you requires wisdom, understanding of the discipline, and enough research.

Having graduated from secondary school, you have decided to further your education.

This is a very wonderful decision. Education is not a handset but an asset. It is good that you have chosen an asset over a handset.

Keep reading friend as we take you through Expert Advice to Choose the Right Course to Study.

How To Choose A Course That Fits You 2022/2023 Or Study In Nigeria

Factors to consider when choosing a university course and Things to Consider:

  1. Values

  2. Interests

  3. Passion

  4. Practicability

  5. Consider the Future

  6. Will It pay?

  7. Employment

  8. Scholarship opportunities

  9. Talk to Your Peers

a) Values:

Choosing a course based on your core beliefs will normally lead to work that is more rewarding and encouraging.

b) Passion:

Passion is one of the most essential factors to consider when looking at how to choose a course that fits you 2022.

To coIn every action, passion should come first. Passion is the first thing to consider before choosing a course to study at the university or else you may likely not succeed.

choosing the right course to study

What course do you really like to study and what gives you joy most?

Choose a course that you have dreamt to study.

This will enable you to channel your effort toward making it a reality.

My dear, what is your passion?

Your passions seem just like interest areas, only stronger. But this is quite an understatement.

Passions are areas of deep interest, but they also incorporate your values and abilities into something that becomes a burning, lifelong desire.

Following your passions, is one of the best ways to choose a major and a course that fits you.

Keep reading to discover more on How To Choose A Course That Fits You.

c) Will It pay?

It is very essential that every potential student should consider the marketability of a course before deciding to study it at any Nigerian university.Will It pay

The marketability of a course is defined by the chances of getting a job quickly and easily after completing the course.

It is not only about getting just any job but getting a job that pays really well.

Find out the career opportunities available upon graduation that will help you make something good out of the degree.

Nobody wants to struggle financially later in life. So it is important to keep compensation in mind.

Keep reading to discover more on How To Choose A Course That Fits You 2022.

d) Employment

Employment is the fundamental factor to consider when looking at how to choose a course that fits you 2022.

No doubt, the level of unemployment in Nigeria is high even in other countries of the world,  What is the employment rate of graduates of the course? Think about these things so you don’t make mistakes choosing a course of study.

How To Choose A Course That Fits You

Will you be able to easily and readily find employment in a related field or even start a business after you earn the degree? Consider a broader field of study rather than something super niche.

d) Interests

Interest is One of the factors to consider when looking at how to choose a course that fits you 2022.

Don’t study a course because you think it is hot cake or your friends are putting you under pressure to do so. It will always backfire.

Choose what you want and stick to it. It is better to face the challenge that comes with what you want to face the stress of what wasn’t in your initial plan.

Avoid parental influence as much as you can. I don’t want to study Medicine but my parents are forcing me to do so.

If this is your problem, then you are not alone. Many parents have chosen to enforce study courses on their kids. This is not the right thing.

The question is, if your parents ask you to study a course you do not have passion for, are they the ones that will write the examinations for you? Try to talk to them.

Wrapping Up…..

Before choosing a course, it is advisable you check the subject combinations for the course.

If you are one of those who have completely given up on mathematics and other major calculation courses, you should not consider applying to study Engineering or any course that requires Mathematics.

However, if you have accepted to understand the subjects that give you a tough time as relates to your choice of course by all means, then you may want to give it a try.

Your friends and peers are often a source of great inspiration and ideas.

Though they might not have the overall knowledge like the professional advisors, your friends and peers know what you’re going through.

But don’t rely too much on their knowledge. They are mostly inexperienced so seek advice.

The secret to happiness is being able to love whatever it is you do in life.

And what does this all have to do with choosing the right course for you? It all starts here. Find the right course, at the right university or polytechnics, or college of education, and you will be inspired to succeed.

Always remember, choosing the right course makes a whole lot of difference both in academics and in life after.

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All the best as you learn more about How To Choose A Course That Fits You 2022



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