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How To Contact JAMB (JAMB Support)

In this post, I’ll show you EXACTLY How To Contact JAMB in 2021/2022 without much stress. If you have been asking “How Do I Complain To JAMB” How Do You Lay A Complain To JAMB? How Can I Get In Touch With JAMB? or How Do I Send An Email To JAMB? JAMB Support? JAMB directs where candidates should contact for their complaints, JAMB official email address, JAMB support phone number, JAMB support portal then this post is for you.

This article is For Candidates Who Have Issues, Complaints, And Inquiries To Make And Do Not Know How To Contact  JAMB.

How Do I Complain To JAMB?

JAMB Has Provided A Means For Candidates Who Have Issues, Complaints, And Enquiries Relating To The Board’s Examinations And Services To Now Contact Them Directly Online By Creating And Submitting A Support Ticket Online.

What is JAMB Support Ticket?

The JAMB support ticket is an electronic complaint that can be tracked and is free to everyone on this website.

There are many ways you can contact JAMB which we’re going to explain below.

How Do I Get JAMB Phone Number?

You can contact JAMB via phone call by dialing any of the numbers below;

Phone: +2348166335513, +2348123658955

How To Contact JAMB 2021/2022 (JAMB Support)

There are three ways to contact JAMB which includes;

  1. Candidate / General Support Ticket

  2. Development Partners and Center Support

  3. Local Support

  4. Nearest JAMB Office

a) Candidate / General Support Ticket

Create a ticket for your complaint so that JAMB can monitor and effectively treat your complaint.

b) Development Partners and Center Support

Development Partners, Professional Test Centers, Professional Registration Centers, Jamb Authorised Staff

c) Local Support

Support Staff Login for all Servicom and JAMB Staff handling Candidate Tickets.

How Do I Send An Email To JAMB?

Below is the simple way to contact JAMB support.

  1. Go to

  2. Click On Create A Ticket Support.

  3. The Next Step is to Click Yes.

  4. Create a candidate support ticket.

  5. Provide Your JAMB Registration Number.

  6. Select the Nature of your complaints.

  7. Subject e.g General Enquiry.

  8. Lastly, the body of the Message i.e what are you enquiring?

  9. When done, Click Send.

How Do you Know When JAMB Have Reply To Your Ticket?

  1. Go to

  2. Click on Access Existing Ticket.

  3. Provide Your JAMB Email Address, the one you used for creating the ticket.

  4. Please Enter your Ticket ID.

  5. Lastly, Check the status 0f the display screen for feedback, if there is no reply yet keep checking.

In Conclusion;

You can contact JAMB by creating a support ticket, phone call, or by visiting the nearest JAMB accredited CBT Centre.

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