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How To Create JAMB Profile 2022/2023 (All You Need To Know)

This post covers simple steps on How To Create JAMB Profile 2022/2023, if you are interested in creating JAMB Profile for UTME or Direct Entry (DE) or if you have been asking how can I create JAMB profile for UTME Registration and how to send NIN to 55019 then this post is for you. 

Before you can obtain or BUY JAMB E-PIN Online or Offline, you must, first of all, create a JAMB profile for 2022 UTME Registration.

See below for steps and procedures on how to create your 2022 JAMB profile and EVERYTHING you need to know about How To Create JAMB Profile 2022/2023.

How To Create JAMB Profile 2022/2023

 Send NIN To 55019:

To Officially get create your JAMB profile, Type the word NIN then space and add your 11 digit NIN Number and send to 55019 by SMS.

– e.g NIN 12345678999

There should be a space between the word NIN and your 11 digit NIN.

You will receive a 10-character Profile-code on the same telephone number which will be used to procure your JAMB E-PIN for 2022 UTME Registration.

Additional Information

  1. Do not use someone Else Phone Number to create JAMB Profile
  2. If you sat for 2021 UTME, it’s not advisable to use the same number to obtain 2022 JAMB profile code.
  3. SchoolBeginner strongly recommend candidates to use MTN or Airtel sim in creating their JAMB profile
  4. Use a New Sim card to create your JAMB profile.
  5. If there is a mistake in your NIN, let’s say name or date of birth, make sure you modify your NIN before creating 2022 JAMB profile code.

If you adhere to the above instructions you won’t have any profile issues at the end of the day.

Solutions To Issues In Sending Nin To 55019 For JAMB Profile Code

  1. The Phone Number is not linked to your NIN
  2. You are using a SIM that someone else has used to create his/her own code
  3. Your sim cannot send messages
  4. Insufficient Airtime


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