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How to deter squirrels: 5 effective ways to stop them from coming into your garden



Use physical barriers 

Choosing the right material to act as a physical barrier is key as squirrels are capable of squeezing through extremely tight spaces, so holes in the fencing or netting must be very small. 

Look specifically for netting or fencing that’s rated for rats or squirrels.

As for where to use the fencing or netting, consider protecting your vegetable garden with a wire fence, but make sure it is buried about at least six inches into the ground, so the squirrels can’t easily dig under it. 

Materials like a hardware cloth will do the trick – standard chicken wire has holes that a determined squirrel can squeeze through.

You can also invest in some chew-proof netting and lay it over your plants. 

Pots are easy to protect with a layer of netting across the top or consider a layer of gravel or stones on top of the soil to discourage digging. 

One thing squirrels dislike is a shiny reflection, so you could try using foil across the top of pots, and poking holes in it to allow water to seep through. 

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