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How to find ancient debris

Ancient wreckage is one of the rarest and most useful resources in all of Minecraft. These blocks are used to create bottom clips, which in turn are used in the manufacture of lower alloys. As of update 1.16, netherite has replaced diamonds as Most durable metals For the manufacture of tools and armor, so ancient wreckage is surely in high demand.

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As the name “netherite” might suggest, ancient debris can It can only be found in HellThe rarity of diamonds is reduced by 12 times. It can only be extracted by diamonds or bottom pickaxes, and it will fall as a block, which means that lucky charms cannot be used to create additional wreckage. Ancient debris can’t be burned as an item dropped by lava or fire, and the block can’t be blown up, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.


Where is the ancient wreck located?

To find the ancient wreck, players will first have to travel to Hell, making sure to bring diamond pickaxe With them. It is also recommended that players wear at least one piece of gold shield To avoid being attacked by Piglins. It is also recommended to bring some fire retardant potion; Better safe than sorry. Once they get to Hell, players will want to Open their coordinates. In the Java Edition, this is done by pressing F3 (fn + F3 on a Mac). In the Bedrock version, this is enabled in the video settings.

Coordinates are useful, as ancient debris spawn rates vary based on Y (altitude) coordinates. In general, one point of 1-3 old debris tries to reproduce in each 16×16 plot, between heights of Y = 8 and Y = 22. An additional point of 0-2 old debris tries to reproduce between Y = 8 and Y = 118. Resolves Old debris replaces netherack on global generation, so it is possible that an attempt to create a blob will fail if a randomly chosen position in the group does not contain a netherack.

Ancient debris will never be generated by natural exposure to air, so players can’t rely on just exploring and observing the bottom. Drilling around is mandatory. Y value where old debris is most common y = 15, so this is where the players should focus their efforts. diamond pickaxe with Fifth Efficiency Magic The bottom mine can go down, which means that players can carve out large areas very quickly in search of ancient debris.

If possible, players should try to get repair magic for themselves for the diamond axe, as well as the proficiency V. Insta mining pieces from netherack. Players will stumble quartz and gold As they dig for old debris, they both give XP.

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Old wreckage as chest spoils

An alternative option for collecting old debris is by looting the chest. Remnants of the stronghold, which are natural structures that appear in Hell, and have good chances of breeding with ancient debris as treasure. There are three types of chests that can appear in the remains of forts, with varying possibilities of ancient wreckage:

Java version:

chest type The amount of old debris Probably
general fund One 13.5%
treasure chest two 12.7%
Hoglin stable fund two 5.7%

Bedrock Edition:

chest type The amount of old debris Probably
general fund One 13.5%
treasure chest two 12.7%
Hoglin stable fund One 5.7%

Each individual box has its own relative low chance The presence of old debris, but if enough chests are searched, the odds are in the player’s favor. This also removes the need to obtain a diamond axe, or achieve any enchantment, but instead requires more Nether Explorations to find remnants of fortresses. Which option players choose depends on personal preference.

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Used for old debris

As mentioned before, the primary use of old debris is to create underground scraps. By melting ancient debris in a furnace, players will obtain one lower scrap. By combing four of these scraps with four gold ingots in a crafting table, players will get one lower ingot. This means that in order to craft a file lower axFor example, players will need to find a huge file 12 old wrecks.

Arguably the cooler use of old debris includes the anti-explosion property. Similar to obsidian, ancient debris cannot be blown away by explosions—be it reptiles or TNT—but unlike obsidian, it does. Can It is driven by a piston. as such, Redstone Experts They used old debris, along with TNT copiers, to create semi-automated tunnel holes. This is unfortunately Only possible in java versionbut they can be used to mine very quickly for gems in the other world without using resources, or they can even be used in hell to dig for ancient wrecks.

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