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How To Find The Barrier In Genshin Impact (Location Guide)



Genshin Impact is a free-to-play gacha on-line recreation by miHoYo. As you progress, there’s quite a lot of characters and quests to complete from. Sacrificial Offering is probably going one of many world quests that you would full at Inazuma. It is a part of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual questline. This specific quest entails discovering a barrier and destroying it. But as not one of many areas are marked on the map, avid gamers are pretty confused about this quest. Not to worry, proper right here’s our info on recommendations on the best way to uncover the barrier in Genshin Impact.

How to Find the Barrier in Genshin Impact (Location)


You can uncover the barrier at a cave located north of a small lake and south of the Grand Narukami Shrine. Before you get on to discovering the barrier, you need the Rust Worn Key to unlock the gate with a barrier.

  • To uncover this key, head to the underside of the correctly located at Konda Village behind the Old Man’s dwelling.
  • You will uncover the vital factor to the prime of a deskbeneath the correctly over there. You could keep in mind the location of this village the place you solved the first puzzle of the questline.
  • For the avid gamers that already have the Rust Worn Key, head over to the Cavern close to the Abandoned Shrine.
genshin impact find barrier
Image Source – WoW Quests on YouTube.


  • As you attain there, you could find a small pond. Drop down there and head correct to find a locked gate.
  • Now, you could use the Rust Worn key to unlock the gate. You will uncover an Electroculus over there as you open the gate.
genshin impact find barrier location
Image Source – WoW Quests on YouTube.
  • As you head straight and attain the hunt area, you’re going to get a model new quest.


This quest entails destroying the barrier.

How to Destroy the Barrier

  • Now, ending this quest is rather like the sooner quest line that entails arranging the lanterns throughout the correct order.
  • As you uncover a wooden development, moreover, you’ll uncover 5 lanterns surrounding it. Interact with the lantern to purify it.
  • This will set off a boss wrestle with the Mysterious Samurai, Phantom warrior of Abandoned Shrine.
  • You can defeat him or stay away from stopping him to alterthe order of these lanterns.


You can attempt our info on recommendations on the best way to full the Strange Story in Konda quest for further notion.

That’s the whole thing lined on recommendations on the best way to uncover a barrier in Genshin Impact. If you appreciated this info, attempt our totally different guides on the best weapons for Yomiya, recommendations on the best way to get a ship, and further Genshin Impact Guides correct proper right here on Gamer Tweak.



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