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How to get pine resin

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  • How to get a side quest from pine resin

As you get more comfortable visiting Tartarus in Persona 3 Portable, your possibilities will open up greatly, including the ability to take part in Elizabeth’s side quests in the Velvet Room.

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In one of the first tasks that you can complete for her, Elizabeth must find some pine resin in order to receive a reward. We’ll provide you with all the information you’ll need to get through your first side mission in the Velvet Room.


How to get a side quest from pine resin

Portrait of Elizabeth after calling you at school in Persona 3 Portable.

In order to unlock the possibility of side quests for Elizabeth, there are a few requirements that you must meet first. For example, you’ll need to have some experience under your belt in Tower of Tartaros, and you visited the Velvet Room here. and, most importantly, You will have to wait until April 30th.

On this day after school, Elizabeth will call you and ask you to come to visit her in the Velvet Room to discuss something. You can either You can access it through the alternative entrance at Paulownia Mall, or enter via Tartarus.

Search image of pine resin for Elizabeth in Persona 3 Portable.

Upon arrival, Elizabeth will ask you to accept her requests in order to receive a reward in return. Choose Accept Order, Make an Order, and click on the first option, Bring Me Pine Resin. To make sure you are able to receive your rewards, Elizabeth requests that he be The resinous pine was returned to her by the 7th of May. Under Details, it is also noted that the The best day to get the item is May 2nd. Upon completion, you will receive Siren song Bow Weapon You can grant to your party member Yukari.

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Where do you find pine resin?

Portrait of Yukari talking about Pine Resin in Persona 3 Portable.

After you have accepted Elizabeth’s request, you will now have to find the item you are looking for throughout the world. To make sure you find it at the best time, Wait until May 2 to begin your search.

You can go about your normal school day however you like, but make sure you do Able to go back to the dorm and talk to your friends in the hallway before going to bed. You can choose to either go straight back to the dorms from school, or hang out for a bit and do some studying before heading back.

When you arrive at your residence, He approached Yukari directly to have a conversation with her. You will most likely be sitting by the front door with all of your other friends. You will remember that She has some pine resin from her shooting club, which she will then hand to you.

After you get the item, you will like it Return to the Velvet Room Whenever you get the chance and talk to Elizabeth. When you take pine resin, they will do He offers you the Siren’s Song weapon in return.

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