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How to open a flea market

Throughout your time playing Fire Emblem Engage, you will find yourself unlocking more and more features that will help you greatly in the game. These features range from things like boosting bonds in the arena to cooking meals with allies to get special boosts in battle.

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One such feature that you will unlock is the flea market. This is one of the many shops in The Somniel that will unlock mid-game. It contains certain items that you can purchase to aid in your adventures.

What is the flea market?

The Flea Market is a shop in Somniel that contains various items that cannot be purchased elsewhere. The main type of item offered by the flea market are items that increase the support rank of your characters. These items are given to other characters as gifts. Each character prefers a different type of gift and dislikes others. As long as you know what that specific person likes, you can make sure that you are using this store to the best of your abilities.

The flea market also offers other types of items to players who have already reached their maximum support ratings. For example, you can also buy different metals at the flea market. These minerals can then be taken to the smithy to upgrade your weapons.

The last type of items that the flea market offers are fishing rods. These items can be used to catch fish that can be used in meals. It’s a must have for anyone who wants to cook the best meals so their personalities bond.

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How to open a flea market

A flea market is a closed place until a certain point in the game. However, once done Chapter 13 of the game, you will be able to recruit Timerra to join your cause. It is she who will open the flea market and allow you to shop.

The flea market is located in a small alcove near the pool area in Somniel. Timerra will not always work in the store; Sometimes, it will be the other characters. Other times, you may not see anyone there at all. Don’t worry , You can shop at the flea market any time you want; It doesn’t matter if someone is there or not.

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