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How to play Ermes Costello

An ally to Jolyne Cujoh and fellow Green Dolphin Street prison inmate in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Part 6 stand-up user Ermes Costello comes with the ability to deal explosive damage from placing stickers on her limbs for additional hits and changing movement characteristics.

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Armed with the highest health All-Star Battle R, Ermes Costello It excels at maintaining pressure With user-positioned secure block sets and extreme damage when stickers are applied on all ends of their standing kiss. While Ermes suffers from the lack of any ballistic and even technologies harm itselfShe is a fighter who is able to cancel with a special move.


User mode

Ermes relies on buffing herself with Stand Kiss stickers and feint-canceling to make her attacks safe or to extend combos. As a short-range dash character, she is powerful in user mode due to the safety granted from her special move-canceling feints, which also gives her some mobility in lighter button variations. Without reaching the best free flip attack and great heat attack (level 1 and level 2 supers), It is crucial for Ermes to play aggressively By their normal and high potential for damage from their labels, regardless of whether they are in user or standby mode.

“I know what you’re looking for”

Ermes Costello counters Pucci to perform a Heart Heat Attack in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

Ermis heart attack “I know what you’re looking for” It is finally fair full of dangers. Not only does she take recoverable damage whether you pull out the super or not, but she also leaves Hermes on standby regardless of what mode you were in previously. The super puts Ermes in a counterattack after she puts a sticker on her face. Damage can be increased depending on the sticker texture you used from the special move “Here’s where you stick it!”

You don’t want to get rid of Ermes’ heat cardio attack without intense training and a solid game plan. Switching to Stand-On mode isn’t a problem, if you’re prepared, however The damage you take due to super activation can also be inflicted on you. Try to save this move as a last resort or as a way to turn the tables after you have read carefully how the enemy will behave based on the pressure you apply. You can get a really nasty penalty from a grab response on top of the damage you’d already get just from activation.

“Here’s where you stick it.”

Ermes Costello puts stickers on her arms in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

Your special move for the previously mentioned damage is “Here’s where you stick it, They were performed with 22 (or down) Light, Medium or Heavy. The applied labels give a second blow to Hermès fringes. The light version applies to her arms, medium to her legs, and the heavy version applies to both arms and legs. What’s great is that Each copy of this step can be canceled privately Next, so you won’t be left open to respond if you risk removing yourself too close to an opponent.

The downside to this special is that Hermes lose their labels as soon as they fall, so it’s easy for the enemy to react to your own buffing. Beware: Hermes’ worst damage trait than heat core attack is that she loses health when she is knocked down and loses a sticker.

“It’s very useful.”

Ermes Costello lunges in and hits Pucci with a broom in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

“She’s so helpful” from 214 (or back quarter circle) serves cancel the hoax With the heavy version. This version has Ermes to quickly take out and put away her broom, allowing you to make normal user mode safe when blocked. This safety will be useful in applying more damage with less risk than using a normal heavy. The light and medium version of this move allows you to travel a decent distance, so you can get a lot of use out of it when facing projectiles or slashing enemies to reduce the distance between you.


Ermis Costello punches Butchie with a barrage of punches in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

“USHAAAA!” It is a special punching motion of 236 (or a quarter circle forward) where None of the variations provide a harsh knockout. Use it for combo extensions and know that the lite version cannot be used for combos without using flash cancel.


Ermes takes on Pochi in style in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

“Uryaaaaaa!” From 623 (or dragon punch forward entry) is the antiair for Ermes as she calls Kiss for a big look. The light version is great for the fact that the Ermes stay in place, while the medium and heavy version have them rolling forward. Medium and heavy versions have immunity at startup, But the flash cannot be canceled out of place.

“Peel it off and merge back into one!”

The scene of Ermis Costello hitting Pochi is shown in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

“Peel it off and merge it back into one!” From the 421 or (or inserting a dragon punch backwards) is an Ermes hit-grab through the kiss stand that shoots forward. You get a hard knockout from holding. This step is better at positioning the user for how subtle it is to use it than the mid-range, once you get used to the small distance the kiss lunges forward from. Experiment and perfect the range of the heavy release, so you can take advantage of the hard knockdown and either go for the combo in the dash down range or apply stickers to Ermes to prepare yourself to take more damage with this reset.

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Standby mode

JoJo's All-Star Battle R Ermes Costello goes after Bruno with a stand-up kiss

While most of Ermes’ specials in Stand-On Mode are nearly identical, they benefit from a distinct increase in range due to their stand, as well as the combo capabilities from them. Stand-Rush compatible move “Uryaaaaaaaaaaa!” As in user mode, you can also make use of the normal forward hold to give you a chance to apply stickers. To balance out your playstyle due to matching special move techniques, try using Ermes’ standby to use your best combos with the extra damage from her stickers. It is also advisable to rely on their mobility and take a faster approach to the lunge to make better use of the increased range that the Stand Kiss from Ermes offers you.

Utilize a curved medium for some of Ermes’ best in their collection, naturally. Her heavy cuteness also hits low and mid, as she and Kiss slide forward and kick back together. While that crouching heft doesn’t actually reach quite as far in user mode, know that you can drive it into groups when you have the (leg) stickers applied.


Ermes Costello and Kiss Pucci hit it with their own barrage in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

“Uryaaaaaaaaaaaa!” From 236 (or a quarter circle forward) Kiss is allowed to perform a Barrage is compatible with Stand-Rush. The Heavy version is great for damage when applying each of your decals, but remember that the Heavy special’s final blow cannot be Stand-Rush compatible or even Flash Canceled. You can also slam the opponent away on the blow with a powerful knockout, providing another opportunity to apply stickers.

Get really comfortable with this special motion so you can press with the Stand-Rush in the user’s most applicable position. Using this special option for combos can give you options to better control the fight once you’re back in user mode by canceling feints. Given the poor operability of Ermes ultras, you’ll likely want to save your cardiac thermometer anyway for a Stand-Rush (which takes 0.5 bar of a meter) to get you back to a more strategic location.

“On the face! Just above the middle!”

Ermis Costello and a stand-up kiss kick Pochi in unison in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star R

“On his face! Just above the middle!” Another new special feature that you receive in standby is leveling up to 623 (or entering a forward dragon punch). If you can condition the opponent with reliable low jab moves in both standby and user mode, this could be a great special for confirming a hit. An overhead kick causes the enemy to collapse (or slowly fall) upon impact, and variations of the movement cause Ermes and Kiss to move further forward in proportion to the strength of the button used.

“It’s very useful.”

Ermes Costello lunges with a broom at Enrico Pucci in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

“It’s very useful” from 214 (or a back quarter circle) loses the trick cancellation in standby In favor of traveling the further distance with the heavy version of the special. You can base your use of this move in standby on the heavy version, much like how Ermes is about pulling off the trick in user mode. With the mobility and range granted by fighting with your mount, move across the field as far as you can to keep your pressure or just breathe from having to dodge projectiles

“Peel it off and merge back into one!”

Ermes Costello and Kiss use a hit in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

“Peel it off and merge it back into one!” of 421 or (or inserting a dragon punch backwards) works just as well in Stand-On mode besides the fact that you’ve increased the range. Feel free to count on grabbing more swiping with you stand out, but the drawback is much better; The enemy can see the distance of the oncoming dash this time. It’s not sneaky.

“All of this! And this! And this!”

Ermes Costello begins putting on a poster during her mighty heat attack in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

Ermis Heart Attack (or Super Level 2) “All of this! And this! And this!” is one of the main reasons why you should choose a fully rushed gameplay with your meter as appropriate for the Stand-Rush, Quick Stand-On, or Flash Cancel mechanics. This super is hard to achieve without a guaranteed combo progression. Ermis lunges forward a bit to place a sticker on opponents foreheads, but the move is easy to dodge with how slow it is and telegraphs it with a kick start. Save this super to make sure it hits so you’re not left vulnerable.

Despite being difficult to play due to buffing or pinning mechanics with stickers, Ermes Costello can still take significant damage to her high health bar. Mastering it will require a solid game plan for your defense in general, especially from ballistic play. Being battered and losing both health and stickers, as well as having difficulty obtaining their titles could be reasons why they are often ranked in C level list For JoJo’s All-Star Battle R.O.

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