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How to play weather report

In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R, the Part VI user’s powerful weather report is able to damage their enemies through status conditions such as Burning and poisoningwhile maintaining pressure through projectiles.

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Defeat the enemy with Burn and Poison status effects, as well as the additional electricity damage available to you from the install. The Weather Report is armed with plenty of ballistics and great mobility at the cost of needing plenty of counters to access its full moveset.


User mode

with access to Two different projectilesthe weather report user mode makes the Solid split kit. He can defend himself decently with his electric movement and pressure when getting up through this with his projectile floor spikes. His pinning action allows the regular 2H (or heavy bottom) to allow for a release afterwards, and he gains a new knockdown characteristic. With its pinning activity, Weather Report can choose to play even harder in user mode due to the electricity being applied to its feasts.

“The wind speed is 280 km/h!”

Weather report and situation Bauchi was hit by a gust of wind JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

“The wind speed is 280 km/h!” From 236 (or a quarter circle forward) it creates a tornado that travels forward like a cannonball in front of a weather report. the Damage increases with each release, as well as the number of hurricanes. The light version keeps the opponent from hitting a single hurricane, and the medium and heavy versions fire it with two and three hurricanes, respectively.

“Don’t slip, or you’re done… dry and tough!”

Pucci got hyperemia from the weather report in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure_ All-Star Battle R

“Don’t slip, or you’re done… dry and tighten!” From 214 (or a quarter circle back) is the other weather report projectile produced by throwing pools of blood. The puddles turn into spikes on contact, so they can act as a trap. The light version throws a great height at the same distance as the weather report front throw to the opponent’s throw, so you can get an easy combination out of it.

The medium version throws an extra height around the character model farther away from the first hike. The heavy version throws out three nails. Use this special feature to control space and continue zoning after squeezing hurricanes.

“Don’t you dare touch me! I will kill you!”

Weather Report Pochi electrocutes his mount in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

“Don’t you dare touch me! I will kill you!” of 623 (or Front Dragon Punch entry) contains a weather report that summons its bearer to generate electricity around them. Different versions increase hits, damage and recovery after use. This is a great tool for playing defensively when the opposition is rushing you. It also serves as an option for an opponent to get up on the ground if you want to use it after you catch him.

“I installed!”

Weather Report and his bearer suck air and pull Pochi towards them JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

“Are you pinned!” From 63214 (or semicircle back) and the Stand/Special button is an unlockable, harmless move that pulls the opponent towards the weather report with a gust of wind. This costs 1 bar per metre. This is a risky step for the cost it entails, but it can do some serious damage when combined with your electricity.

Make sure you have a solid game plan to either put the opponent into a group or have them respond with a zoning match and walk away – if you choose to use it. The cost of the meter can alternatively be used for the most effective installation of a weather report.

Install weather report

Weather report generates harmful thunderclouds around it.  JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

Weather report From 22 (or double down) the Stand/Special button creates offensive and defensive powers. The installation costs 1 meter tape and lasts for 9 seconds or until a Great Heat Attack is used. Defensive abilities include deflecting some non-super projectiles. Offensively, you can deal burn damage to any opponent that hits Weather Report clouds. One of the best buffs that you have Normal attacks gain electricity and your heavy booms have an extra curling effect (or slowly fall to the ground).

Though it will devour your meter, Activating this installation should be your main priority, because it will protect you in user mode – even if you choose the zone safely and reduce the opponent from a distance. The added crease effect is too good to pass up, since it makes using heavy bases not only less risky, but easier to create combos.

Increasing the wattage of normal attacks allows you to take the weather report up close and personal to use its reasonably low parameters to better hit the opponent. All of his aerial parameters are suitable for use in cross-shows, so the electrification boost helps make jumping more viable as well.

“Devil’s Rainbow! Severe Weather!”

Pucci is turned into a snail by Weather Report in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure_ All-Star Battle R

Free Heart Attack (or Level 1 Super) “Rainbow Devil! It’s Extreme Weather!” The weather report provides nothing but advantages if you can actually hit the three rainbows it produces. The opponent will be turned into a slug upon hit, and they will not have any options besides dodging and moving. The enemy cannot be manipulated while it is changing, however All Weather Report attacks are without scale during the attack. You can deal massive damage and finish the sequence at any distance or location you wish, all while your opponent can do nothing to actually harm you.

Wammu’s character can only be immune to this heart attack when he is under the I’ll See With the Wind effect.

It may seem risky to lose the chance of installing the application due to the removal of Heart Heat Attack, but it is still worth trying and taking a hit. The free damage and free chance to put yourself at better distances is too good to miss. The super alone is worth going to the lab or practicing successfully weaving into a collection. Ultimately, it’s the offensive option the Weather Report has to use its meter for, while the installation offers both offense and defense all around.

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Standby mode

Weather Report electroshocks Jolene Kojoh in JoJo's All-Star Battle R

The weather report rush game receives a serious upgrade with its normal standby mode. He has access to a normal knockdown with a 2H (or a heavy down) without having his own stabilization app. The ability to mark the area with ballistics is traded for how the weather report flies in the air and even hits OTG (on the ground) opponents.

“I utter”

Weather Report Fend off Pucci by flying through the air in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure_ All-Star Battle R

“I blow on” From 236 (or a quarter circle forward) the weather reporter is allowed to lunge into the air while attacking the opponent. It can unite with itself, and the medium version flies forward and up. The heavy version flies straight and deals more damage. This move is fun to use and can create a range of choices and situations. Your installation also strengthens the electrocution attack.

The aero version works similarly to being able to blend into itself, but the medium and heavy versions thrust downward, also causing the ground to bounce off on impact.


The weather report goes backwards in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure_ All-Star Battle R

“Change direction” from 236 (or back quarter circle) or 4 and light, medium or heavy buttons The weather report allows the opponent to undo. The recovery you get is determined by the strength of the button used. You can use this to knock people down, reposition yourself, and strategically save yourself from damage in the air against aggressive opponents.

“quick stop”

Weather reports stop his momentum in the air to cause an explosion of force in all directions in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure_ All-Star Battle R

“quick stop” From 236 (or the back quarter circle) or the Stand/Special button while performing “I’m blowing in,” Weather Report lets him stop suddenly smashing and create a damaging shockwave around him. This shockwave can hit OTG opponents, so there is the possibility of a combo from it after it hits a fallen opponent from the avalanche.

“Don’t you dare touch me! I will kill you!”

Weather Report Bumping Pochi with his easel while on standby in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure_ All-Star Battle R

Fortunately, the weather report keeps the very useful phrase “Don’t you dare touch me! I’m going to kill you!” in standby mode. This allows you to take some quick damage or damage defensive options, especially after activating his mount. You can make this step one of its main sources of damage after applying the fixation due to combustion and electric shock all being applied in close proximity.

With the safer rules you gain in Stand-On Mode, the pinning, combined with this special move, creates an overwhelming combo that the opponent has to respond to – if you play hard successfully.

“Heavy rain warning”

Weather report and situation raining poisonous frogs on Pochi in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

“Heavy Rain Warning” from 214 (or a quarter circle back) He summons poisonous frogs Over the heads of opponents until it rains. The hit itself does no damage, but the toads do poison to the opponent. Your distance changes depending on the strength of the button used. This is a move worth honing in on, though it leaves you in a very vulnerable position without activating Stand-Rush.

For defensive plays, try to land the poison first, then use it Stand-Rush To group opponent into hurricane projectiles or just grab them. After grabbing, you can throw your light blood spurt. Applying poison before switching to user mode from Stand-Rush will cost you a precious meter, but the switch puts you in a good position to aim at a poisoned opponent and play a little further.

cloud suit

Weather Report wearing a cloud suit in his mighty free attack in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure_ All-Star Battle R

Great free attack Cloud Suit attacks the opponent’s middle guard with a weather report that creates a gust of wind that drives the opponent higher before the cinematic. You can actually use the ground rebound after the super to your advantage and follow up the attack with an assist, if you prefer.

With Versatile kit with high portabilityWeather Report is fun to play but difficult to master because of the meter it takes to deal reliable damage. He needs to switch between standby mode and user mode to get maximum output and use of all his status effects. What it lacks in having a meter it makes up for through the pure utility of inverting electricity available in both modes He acts as good offensively as he is defensively.

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