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How To Properly Clean A Furnace

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To make sure your furnace works properly, you really need to focus on cleaning these two main components: the fan and filter. But before you focus on either of them, longtime electrical, plumbing, and HVAC company Ongaro & Sons advises you to ensure no electricity or fuel is running into your furnace. You can do this by safely disconnecting your furnace from its power source. Check your furnace’s manual for the location of its power switch and make sure the switch is in the “off” position” before you go any further.

Once that’s taken care of, you can move on to cleaning the blower compartment. This is where the fan is located. Use a screwdriver to access the compartment and a vacuum cleaner to suction up all the dust and dirt that you find (via PlumbersStock).

The final step in cleaning your furnace is washing or replacing its filter. Just like cleaning under your furniture, cleaning your furnace’s filter is something to stay on top of. After removing the filter from the service panel, check its dust level. If you can’t see through your filter due to how much dust it’s collected, HomeAdvisor suggests you swap it for a new filter or, if it’s reusable, simply rinse it off and reinsert it into your furnace. 

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