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How to use Bixby Text Call on Samsung's Galaxy S23

You don’t need to own a Pixel phone to have call screening. Samsung has added it’s own take on the feature, with Bixby. With Bixby Text Call, it can screen the calls for you as they come in, and using Quick Responses, find out who’s calling and why.

This makes it a lot easier to ignore those calls about your car’s extended warranty expiring. Or winning a free trip to the Bahamas. It was introduced with the Galaxy S23 lineup, in One UI 5.1. However, any Galaxy device that has One UI 5.1 can take advantage of this feature.

So today, we’re going to show you how to set up and turn on Bixby Text Call. As much as Bixby is not great at many things, it’s actually really good at screening calls. And it gives you a bit more flexibility versus the Google Assistant. Where you can give Bixby quick responses to use when screening calls. Giving you all the information before you actually pick up. Which is definitely pretty cool.

How to use Bixby Text Call

First, open up the Phone app.

Screenshot 20230314 094455 Phone Medium

Now tap on the three dots in the upper-right hand corner.

Screenshot 20230314 094459 Phone Medium

Next, tap on Settings.

Screenshot 20230314 094502 Call settings Medium

From here, tap on Bixby Text Call.

Screenshot 20230314 094505 Call settings Medium

Turn on the toggle next to Bixby Text Call. It may need to download an update for this, which will only take a few seconds.

Screenshot 20230314 094508 Call settings Medium

Now, Bixby Text Call is turned on. You can create your own Quick Responses too. To do this, click on Quick Responses and then Add Quick Response. 

And now Bixby Text Call will take care of your calls for you. This is going to save you time, and make your life a whole lot better.

It’s unfortunate that Samsung does not have this enabled by default, but fortunately, it is pretty easy to get set up and it only takes a few seconds to do.



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