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How to vote without errors in the elections of 25 September – & More Latest News Here

from Renato Benedetto

How to vote on September 25 without risking the cancellation of the ballot? Can you go to the polling station with your dog? And if he is wrong, what to do? Instructions for not making mistakes

Put a cross on top, only one: trace only one mark on the board. this is the first advice to vote without risking that the choice is canceled. Here’s everything you need to know to vote (without making a mistake).

Seats open on Sunday 25 September from 7am to 11pmbeyond 50 million of citizens are called to the polls to choose the new Parliament (in Sicily also for the Regional). Pink card for the Room, yellow for the Senate: this year, for the first time, eighteen-year-olds will be able to vote not only for the Chamber but also for the Senate. The mask is not mandatorybut the ministry anyway recommends it.

The board

On the card you will find the symbols of the parties and, next to it, the lists of candidates of each formation for the proportional part. Each party, or coalition (lists grouped in an alliance), is linked to a candidate for the single-member party.

Approximately one third of parliamentarians are chosen, in fact, in the single-member constituencies: a direct challenge, only one candidate passes, the one who gets the most votes, even one more than the others. Two thirds are elected with a proportional system (the seats are divided on the basis of the percentages obtained by the parties) through blocked lists. (Here, with the TrovaCollegio, you can see which are the candidates in your college)

One vote only

In reality, however, this distinction, when in the cabin, does not matter: the voter has only one vote. One for the House and one for the Senate. Stop. For this reason, in order not to make mistakes and not to risk that the vote is canceled, just draw a cross for each card. Taking into account that the voting methods are essentially two:
By drawing the x on the symbol, the vote goes to the list and to the single-member candidate connected. A second mark can also be made on the uninominal name, yes, but it makes no difference.
By plotting the x on the candidate of the uninominal, the vote also goes to the list. Or to the lists, if in coalition: will be divided among these in proportion to the votes obtained in the college.
Of course, it is also possible to cross both a symbol and the name of the candidate to the linked uninominal, but the second sign is superfluous, so why take the risk?

The important thing to remember is that separate voting is not allowed: it is not possible to choose a list and, at the same time, an unconnected candidate for the uninominal. The vote would be canceled.

The price lists are blocked: preferences cannot be expresseddo not make any other marks on the card.

A trivial observation, but be careful: when you vote, do not stack the cards on top of each otherto avoid that the mark drawn on a card is also visible on the one below.

The elections, live: follow the latest news here

The barrage

The lists that, at national level, do not get at least 3% of the votes do not enter Parliament (but if they get at least 1%, the votes go to the coalition and not dispersed).

I strip it

The counting will begin at 11 pm, when the turnout is known. He starts from the Senate; to follow the Chamber; then, from 2 pm tomorrow, Sicily. will follow him live, up to the complete results that will arrive, in all probability, when already in the morning.

The anti-fraud coupon

Once out of the booth, you don’t have to insert the ballot into the urn right away. It must be handed over to the chairman of the polling station, who must first remove the anti-fraud coupon. a code that identifies the ballot: the president of the polling station takes note of it before handing it over to the voter and then, before the sheet ends up in the ballot box, he checks that it coincides. To avoid the exchange vote, which often feeds on external forms already filled out. The coupon, after the check, detached to respect the secrecy of the vote. Always to respect the secrecy of the vote and protect their freedom – remember – it is forbidden to carry smartphones in the cabinso as not to give in to the temptation to take a picture.

And if he’s wrong anyway …

If you have realized that you have made a mistake

on the card, and you want to remedy it, do not make corrections in pencil. Of any kind: any sign other than the vote leads to the cancellation of the ballot. It is possible to request a new one from the president of the polling stationwhich will trash the old one among the deteriorated ones while you can re-enter the cabin.

At the polling station with the dog?

In the cabin, according to the law, you must be alone: ​​an exception is made only in cases of assisted voting, while elderly parents and minor children are not allowed. And the dogs? There is no express prohibition, in theory nothing prevents you from entering the seat with all fours on a leash, but the last word belongs to the president: he who could possibly oppose.

Il Corriere has a newsletter dedicated to the elections: it is called Political Diary, free of charge, and you can register here

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