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How Work Stations are Changing Mode of Work – Konkere Designs

Work Spaces are an integral part of an overall employee experience. The idea of office spaces was birthed to ensure efficiency and accountability at work. In a traditional white-collar or nine-to-five setting, employees are expected to resume daily at a physical location for the day’s work, a popular culture from way back.

Being on time for resumption is crucial for appraisal and a herculean task for employees who have to scuttle through being on time every morning. Lagos, one of Africa’s busiest cities, typically has its working population jumping from pillar to post to beat the early morning rush, long queues at bus parks, traffic, etc.

Having manoeuvred the rigours of commuting to work, the question is, do I prefer an open or private workspace? Although, the predominant and most common option is the open workspace, which is believed to breed collaboration amongst team members and enhance supervision. However, will an employee who has probably gotten to work feeling on edge prefer to work communally or independently?

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Since the COVID -19 Pandemic, a once non-contested work-from-office culture saw a drastic change as work had to continue leaving us no choice but to work from home. The pandemic undoubtedly brought about a shift and an awakening to the possibilities and upsides of working from our personal space. Albeit the world seems to have gone back to business as usual, the effects of this new normal linger – some organizations have moved towards indefinitely working from home. Others have adopted the hybrid model, which allows employees to work from home on designated days.

A few working-class folks confirmed that they prefer a balanced work arrangement with access to communal and independent work modes. They claimed that open office space for brainstorming, learning, and socializing and a private set-up for focus, thinking, and recharging enhanced high performance. As mentioned earlier, another option is the hybrid arrangement which allows employees to collaborate on on-site days and focus on days they work from home. Employees whose companies retained the hybrid model recorded higher rates of job satisfaction and employee experience.

Instead of picking one over another, as each has its pros, it is beneficial for organizations to listen to employees’ needs regarding how best they function and improvise accordingly. Suppose an organization is not open to the hybrid or work-from-home arrangement; there might be a need to invest in private spaces within the office space to improve the employee experience. Private workspaces help employees focus, recharge, and do the job without interference.

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As office spaces are already set up by management, here is a list of essential items to set up solo office space – A work table and chair, internet, a personal computer, a notepad, a mouse, and a small planter(optional). Although of all these items, a work table & chair is chief because it helps you get into work mode, reduce distractions and create work/life balance while working from home.

Konkere Designs, afro-urban furniture, and lifestyle brand have workstations to meet your work-from-home and work-from-office needs. With our íké and íké Mini work tables, working becomes more effective because that is all you get from a masterpiece. Our pieces are made from lightweight concrete, plastic waste, metal, and an optional art strip that will hold your work memories for as long as you do not dash them out. Custom-made options are also available (Color and Dimension)

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