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HUGE: James O’Keefe Suggests He Has Insiders On Trump Grand Jury

James O’Keefe turned heads on Twitter when he suggested that he has insiders on the Grand Jury that may indict President Trump in the coming weeks. After being ousted as the head of Project Veritas, O’Keefe immediately started a new adventure called O’Keefe Media Group, or “OMG”.

O’Keefe’s suggestion that he has people on the inside of the Trump Grand Jury came after a supporter of his asked the open question on Twitter.


“NY DA Bragg likely hid exculpatory evidence from the Trump Grand Jury as their meetings have been postponed. The real question is has James O’Keefe got to someone on the inside? Is the house of cards going to fall on Bragg?

The real question is how many do we have on the inside? Stay tuned,” O’Keefe responded.

On Friday, O’Keefe added that the new group has been sending cameras out, “which means the OMG army of exposers will soon be holding those in power accountable.”

“You’re being watched. We’re coming after you,” O’Keefe added. “The next time you try and take advantage of honest Americans, the person sitting next to you might have a microphone or a camera. You see, the world is watching. And if you’re lying, cheating, stealing, or scamming, you might be the next unwilling star of the internet.”


O’Keefe said OMG’s first story will be released on March 27.



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