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Human Resources Season 2 Ending, Explained: Do Rochelle and Pete End Up Together?

Netflix’s ‘Human Resources’ is an adult animated television series that is a spin-off of ‘Big Mouth.’ The sitcom revolves around the workplace conflicts faced by a group of creatures that assist humans with their emotional issues. It is created by Kelly Galuska, Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett. The show’s second season returns the focus to the adventures of Emmy, Rochelle, Maury, Pete, and others as they navigate the complex landscape of their professions. However, a sudden change in Rochelle’s personality causes trouble in the department, leading to drastic consequences. If you are wondering whether Rochelle returns to her usual self and the ramifications of her actions are reverted, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Human Resources’ season 2! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Human Resources Season 2 Plot Synopsis

The second season of ‘Human Resources’ opens with a brief recap of the birth of Maury and Connie’s non-binary child Montel. The first episode follows Maury as he organizes a “Jizz Mitzvah” for Montel to start his journey as a Hormone Monster. Meanwhile, Lovebug Emmy takes on a new client while learning to balance her personal and professional life. She meets her new client, Sarah, and the latter’s Logic Rock, Van, who is anti-romance. However, Emmy quickly falls for Van and guides Sarah through a one-night stand despite it being against her romantic beliefs.

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Meanwhile, Pete deals with the fallout from cutting Dante’s penis while trying to save his life. Dante becomes paranoid and quits his job after forcing his girlfriend, Rochelle, to give up her friendship with Pete, who has romantic feelings for her. After a failed attempt at setting up Alice, a disability rights activist, on a date with a handsome fan, Rochelle loses all faith and hope in romance, especially because of her breakup. On the other hand, Pete is tormented by Dante’s zombie penis but manages to convert it into a pet with Maury’s help.

Soon, Rochelle transforms into a Hatebug and starts a strictly sexual relationship with Pete. However, Pete demands an actual relationship which enrages Rochelle. She is approached by General Malica of the Hate Department, who offers her a full-time position as a Hatebug. Rochelle is conflicted between starting a romance with Pete or embracing her hate resulting in two timelines in which she chooses one of the options. When choosing love leads to her friends’ deaths, she accepts General Malice’s offer and joins the Hate Department.

Elsewhere, Montel refuses to become a Hormone Monster and takes an internship under Lionel St. Swithens to become a Shame Wizard. As Montel sees Lionel as a mentor figure, it leads to a rivalry between Muary and Lionel. Meanwhile, Emmy tries to convince Sarah to believe in love and pursue a romance with Ben, a one-night stand she has striking chemistry with. However, when Ben brings up Sarah’s mother, Van shuts down Emmy’s attempts to set up Sarah. Eventually, Emmy discovers Sarah is the daughter of Walter’s client, Paul, whose wife, Evelyn, recently passed away.

Human Resources Season 2 Ending: How Does Rochelle Stop the Uprising?

The second season finale sees Maury, his family, and friends gathering to celebrate “Anal Day,” the most sacred Hormone Monsters festival. Despite being at odds with her friends for most of the season, Rochelle is invited to the Anal Day party, where she gets into some more conflict after renting with Dante. When Dante suggests they should be friends, Rochelle loses her cool and continues to fuel range and hate through her clients. Rochelle casually suggests killing Hope, the female manifestation of hope, and taking over the Human Resources department, leading to an uprising led by General Malice.

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General Malice captures all of Rochelle’s friends and prepares to kill them individually. A ‘Die Hard‘-like scenario ensues after Rochelle refuses to kill Hope, and the two escape through the elevator shaft, only for Hope to fall behind and seemingly plummet to her death. Pete and the others try to engineer their escape but fail when Dante turns on them. However, General Malice’s enforcer, Anthony Piñata, quickly kills Dante. During her final confrontation with Piñata, Rochelle nearly gives up but is saved by the return of Hope, who was saved by Dante’s zombie penis.

Ultimately, Rochelle’s faith in love is restored by Hope, and she returns to her Lovebug form. As a result, Rochelle and Hope succeed in mounting resistance against General Malice’s uprising. Eventually, Rochelle frees her friends and, with their help, succeeds in stopping General Malice, causing her to fall down from the room while trying to escape. Thus, with the uprising averted, Rochelle finally embraces her calling and admits her love for her friends, returning to her usual self, beginning her season-long arc of overcoming her inner hatred and believing in hope, to a fitting conclusion.

Do Rochelle and Pete End Up Together?

A romance between Rochelle and Pete is teased at the end of season 1 when Pete admits to having feelings for Rochelle. However, Rochelle’s relationship with Dante and their subsequent breakup complicates things. As a result, Rochelle becomes disillusioned and shies away from a serious relationship and forms a strictly sexual relationship with Pete. Eventually, Rochelle’s fear of loneliness allows her inner hate to consume her transforming her into a Hatebug. Ultimately, Rochelle understands the errors of her ways and returns to the light side by accepting the love and affection her friends have offered her all along.

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However, things are still complicated when it comes to the potential romance between Rochelle and Pete. In the season 2 finale, Rochelle admits to loving Pete but only platonically. As a result, it seems like the chance of the duo starting a relationship might seem bleak. However, in the final moments, we see Rochelle and Pete singing a song about love together, and comments from other characters seem to suggest Rochelle has real feelings for Pete. Although the ending does not explicitly confirm whether Rochelle and Pete end up together, it does leave the door open for their possible romantic union.

What Happens to Emmy and Montel?

Season 2 sets up Emmy and Montel for their own individual arcs. For Montel, they struggle with charting a course for themselves outside their family’s shadow. In the season finale, Montel’s inner conflict is represented when he is forced to kill one between Connie, Maury, and Lionel. Montel decides to spare Maury despite their differences over the season, mainly because no one would miss Lionel. However, in the end, Rochelle’s intervention prevents Montel from killing anyone, and the conflict is resolved. Nonetheless, by choosing to save Maury, Montel proves they love the former.

On the other hand, Emmy’s arc is resolved in the penultimate episode as she succeeds in her quest to find love for Sarah. Emmy goes through a rollercoaster in her work with Sarah and Van as she gets smitten by the latter along the way. However, Emmy gets over her crush on Van by identifying they are not right for each other. She also helps Sarah realize her mother’s death and the resulting grief that has been holding her back from forming meaningful connections. Ultimately, by helping Sarah overcome the grief of her mother’s death, Emmy continues to improve her skills as Lovebug.

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