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Hungary Prevented 1 Million Migrants From Crossing the Southern Border Since 2015

Hungarian authorities have successfully apprehended nearly one million migrants at the country’s southern border since 2015.

In this regard, the prime minister’s chief security advisor, György Bakondi, revealed that the number of irregular entries has been increasing, with Hungarian authorities apprehending 27,600 individuals in the first quarter, 36,490 in the second quarter, and 43,300 in the third quarter of the year, reports.

As reported by AboutHungary, a website managed by the Hungarian Prime Minister’s international communication office, most of these people are of Syrian nationality, followed by Afghan, Turkish, and Pakistani nationals, reflecting the diversity of those attempting to enter the country.

According to him, people smugglers have become increasingly organised in their efforts. As a result, they are trying to cross the border simultaneously in 19 different countries, often in groups of 100 to 200 illegal immigrants.

Bakondi further emphasised that these illegal entrants and smugglers have displayed more significant levels of violence, repeatedly launching attacks on the border fence, patrol vehicles, surveillance equipment, and police officers. Unfortunately, seven officers have been injured due to these attacks this year.

“Hungary has been combating illegal migration for close to a decade. The country should be acknowledged and respected for those efforts instead of being subjected to continued attacks,” Government Spokeswoman Alexandra Szentkirályi also pointed out.

Moreover, Szentkirályi said that Hungary has allocated approximately 1.6 billion euros for border protection measures. However, she stated that the European Union in Brussels reimbursed only a small part of these expenses, specifically 1.5 per cent.

Amongst other, the country has constructed a 165-kilometre fence along the border.

In addition, she stated that Brussels is still seeking to enforce its mandatory migration distribution quotas on Hungary with a plan to force a member state to pay eight million forints for every migrant it refuses to accept.

Last month, Bakondi revealed that on an average weekday, there are about 500 cases of border violations. Based on the latest statistics, about 91,000 people have made illegal attempts to cross the border so far this year.

In response to the increased number of border violations, law enforcement authorities have taken legal action against 700 people smugglers. These people are often found to be operating within larger criminal organisations, highlighting the irregular nature of activities related to irregular border crossings.